With ProEst, Construction Proposal functionality has the power and flexibility of our online cloud platform behind it. That means you can create polished proposals for clients and prospects right in the ProEst system-- and customize your reports with the addition of your own images, design elements and brand identity. And because our platform offers easy online access, you can email your finished proposals to internal and external project stakeholders for review and approval, then follow up with recipients for feedback and modifications. That’s the kind of speed and responsiveness clients will appreciate, another way for your company to stand out.


Ensuring that workflows and teams stay connected with the most accurate data from day one is critical to project success. The ProEst and Autodesk® Build integration does just that, with the interconnection between estimating and project phase cost management. With a click, contractors can convert their detailed estimates from ProEst to project budgets in Autodesk Build —seamlessly passing the reins to the field team, where they can manage all cost activities in a central location. By minimizing miscommunication and discrepancies earlier in the process, teams can reduce risk, maximize efficacy, and increase profitability faster.


Authentication - 3-Legged Authentication

The app uses 3-legged authentication for accessing ACC accounts and projects, and for sending data after a project is marked “Closed, Won” in ProEst.


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버전 21.0, 2024-01-09
New Integration with ACC Build - Cost Management

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