Toric for Autodesk Construction Cloud®

Toric for Autodesk Construction Cloud®



Toric is a no-code data platform allowing organizations to connect to Autodesk Construction Cloud and consolidate data for analysis and data pipelines in one workspace. Leverage no-code automation and no-code data transformation to get time back to work on higher-value tasks. 


What could you do with Toric?

  • Collect and Own Data from Various Sources
  • Automate Data Importing
  • Simplified Data Transformation
  • Share Interactive Reports with Stakeholders 


1. Collect and Own Data from Various Sources

You can collect design, finance, project data, and more in Toric to create a Common Data Environment (CDE)

Users take advantage of Toric in multiple ways. First, by unlocking data from multiple sources, then by creating Automations for data extraction and beyond. Create a database of lessons learned from projects with Toric Data Warehouses. 


2. Automate Data Importing

Save time with Automations. Create one or many Automations to funnel your data into Toric. 

Leverage automation to import data into Toric to update dashboards and reports for your team or to export data to your warehouse of choice. Whatever the destination, Toric Automations lets you save time and focus on tasks that move your projects forward. 


3. Simplified Data Transformation

NO CODE IS REQUIRED! Toric uses visual nodes which can be chained together to transform your data. Perform data cleaning with Breakout and Data Tagging, or calculate new values with the Formula node and more. 

Toric's allows you to create reusable transformations and interactive Data App experiences. Connect nodes to charts in the Data App workspace for reports and dashboards that update anytime you refresh your data. 


4. Share Reports with Stakeholders

Take advantage of multiple sharing options to inform your team and project stakeholders in real time. 

You could generate a public URL link that lets stakeholders view reports and dashboards on the web. Or, generate an embeddable link that you could paste into your company website.  

For collaborators on your projects, you could share to App Home for quick access on iOS devices. 

체험판 설명

Please submit your request to to request access to Toric.

Trials last for 15 days from the day we activate your account. During this time, you will have full access to try all of Toric's features.

이 버전 정보

버전 1.0.0, 2023-09-28
Connect to Autodesk Construction Cloud and pull data from TakeOff, Build, Cost Management, BuildingConnected and PlanGrid.

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