Power Search 2021


Power Search extends the file searching and location capabilities Autodesk's Document Management and CDE. Integrated with with Autodesk Construction Cloud® which includes support for Autodesk Docs and BIM 360®, the application allows users to do multi-criteria searches for files based on name, version, date, created by, created on, last modified, last modified by, file type, file size and Custom Attributes. Files are retrieved in a clickable list or can be exported to Microsoft® Excel®.

The new Editor mode allows for:

  • Update Custom Attributes by bulk or Excel.
  • Filter results: on-screen or in Excel.
  • Copy results files to any ACC or BIM 360 folder.

Some use-cases for Power Search include:

  • Search files, download them in Excel then filter them, update custom attributes and reupload to instantly update ACC / BIM 360! The files showing in the results can be copied to any folder in ACC / BIM 360 if needed.
  • Search all project documents uploaded in ACC / BIM 360 yesterday.
  • Search all revised drawings on a certain "timber package" (customer needs to search both the word timber in the description AND version >1).
  • Search for Custom Attributes tied to folders or files.

체험판 설명

You can freely try Power Search for BIM 360 for a limited time period.

이 버전 정보

버전 2023.4, 2023-05-26
- Partner card compatibility added - Updated support for Document management API - Minor changes to UI/UX - Performance enhancements and stability.

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  • QR-Code? Simple and functional
    Denis Dzambic | 5월 03, 2023

    A simple application but one that has great benefits within a project. Any PDF can be automatically labelled with a QR-Code. This can be scanned to test whether the drawings and documents are in the latest version.

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