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GoFormz Mobile Forms



Collect data digitally using mobile forms on your phone, tablet, or computer, and instantly update or create corresponding Autodesk® BIM360® records. Leveraging the GoFormz and BIM360 integration, PDF copies of completed GoFormz mobile forms can be instantly uploaded to the appropriate BIM360 records or used to create entirely new records – all based on input data. For example, if a user were to complete a digital inspection form from the job site, it could be instantly uploaded to that project’s BIM360 record. 


With GoFormz, teams can capture data digitally using forms on mobile devices and computers. These "mobile forms" can look exactly like your work documents, making it easy to replace existing paperwork and to onboard new users. GoFormz mobile forms are even fully functional offline, enabling your teams to work from job sites and offices anywhere. 


With mobile forms you can capture new data types, like images, sketches, GPS, maps, and signatures, and easily auto-fill fields using barcode scanning, automatic calculations and drop-down menus. Via form logic, fields can be dynamically made required, instantly complete calculations, and more. 


Submitted forms and data are available in real-time – dramatically improving processing times and communication. Leveraging automations, forms and data can be routed to teammates, customers, and connected applications – effortlessly modernizing your workflows and increasing professionalism. 


Always have the right form

Ensure your team is always armed with the right form – even while offline. Forms can be instantly generated from a user’s mobile device or dispatched to teams in the field pre-filled with BIM360 data.


Guide data input and improve accuracy

Add conditional logic, instant calculations, and automated form actions to guide data collection, enforce data capture rules and sanitize data before it reaches BIM360.


Instantly dispatch forms & update BIM360 records

Submitted forms and input data can instantly update corresponding BIM360 records, while mobile forms pre-filled with BIM360 data can be instantly dispatched to teams in the field.


GoFormz & BIM360

Data captured using mobile forms can instantly update or create corresponding BIM360 records. Actions within BIM360 can even trigger the dispatch of forms pre-populated with BIM360 data to teams in the field – accelerating form completion and improving accuracy. Rapidly complete inspections, budget modifications, toolbox talks, project summary reports, and so much more, when you integrate your GoFormz mobile forms with BIM360.

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Sync controls for cellular and Wifi Bug fixes

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