myComply is a solution built to gather vital workforce and compliance data on construction projects. 4,000+ contractors trust myComply to easily exchange safety and compliance documentation with subcontractors on a project.


Additionally, contractors use myComply to collect attendance data, hours, and run various data reports that display information from the worksite. 


With this integration, Autodesk® BIM 360® users can seamlessly log into myComply with their Autodesk credentials and import data to get projects up and running in myComply in minutes. 


Within myComply, Autodesk® customers can leverage the following products:

  • The 'Companies' feature is a training and compliance document manager that securely stores employee training, only accessible by the company administrators. 
  • The 'Projects' feature verifies compliance on projects. Invite sub-trades & easily receive safety training and documentation.
  • Add-ons include Access Control


Note: App is compatible with BIM 360 Docs.

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버전 1.0, 2021-06-24
Sign in with Autodesk Import BIM 360 projects, companies, and members into myComply.

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