설명 is a cloud service offering an integrated set of tools for the production and assembly of modular buildings. saves you valuable time and money by eliminating waste and reducing complexity in production planning and execution. is built on Autodesk® Forge® to leverage on the Autodesk Construction Cloud™ platform with its powerful ecosystem. is a cloud solution for BIM-based resource planning, scheduling, budgeting, procurement and manufacturing.


Engineers and BIM managers can:

  • Use BIM models to prepare Bill of Materials (BOM) for assemblies and sub-assemblies
  • Validate parameters in BIM models prior to saving a quantity take-off  
  • Manage the requirements for BIM metadata to ensure Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DfMA) compliancy
  • Manage engineering change orders by identifying changes in BIM models during the project
  • Manage BIM parameter values and sync changes back to Autodesk Revit


Production managers can:

  • Plan production and onsite assembly activities
  • Schedule production of modules and panels with sub-assemblies using BIM
  • Plan and assign resources to production orders and confirm progress


Shop-floor workers can:

  • See the daily tasks with specifications
  • Report progress of manufacturing activities


Supply chain managers can:

  • Plan and execute external procurement of products and services
  • Manage product master data
  • Perform Materials Requirements Planning (MRP) to identify procurement requirements from schedule


Project managers can:

  • Plan the schedule and track progress of various phases of a project.
  • Calculate the cost of production and on-site assembly using resource-based budgeting tools.
  • View project cashflow and plan capital requirements.


The app is compatible with Autodesk® Build and BIM 360 Docs.

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버전 4.0, 2024-02-27
Initial Release.

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