Bluerithm Connect for Autodesk Construction Cloud®

Bluerithm Connect for Autodesk Construction Cloud®



With the integration of Bluerithm, Autodesk Construction Cloud® gains the benefits of Bluerithm's rigorous workflows for test procedures, QA/QC, system startup activities, commissioning, LEED certification workflows, issue management, and more. The integration extends and enhances the functionality of ACC, enabling users to automate overlapping workflows and activities, manage complex test and inspection procedures, and streamline project collaboration.


  • Automated Workflows: The integration automates overlapping workflows and activities, reducing manual efforts and ensuring data consistency between platforms.
  • Comprehensive Test Procedures: Bluerithm's support for complex test, inspection, validation, and QA/QC processes enhances ACC's capabilities, ensuring high-quality outcomes in every project phase.
  • Efficient Commissioning: Whether it's LEED, startup, or system commissioning, Bluerithm's powerful tools enable you to conduct thorough commissioning activities with ease.
  • Issue Management: Create and synchronize issues in near-real-time between platforms, keeping all stakeholders informed and aligned.
  • Project Collaboration: With features like project member import and document synchronization (coming soon), you can enhance collaboration by seamlessly sharing and accessing information across the ACC and Bluerithm platforms.
  • Asset and Location Data Management (coming soon): Push and pull asset lists, synchronize asset data, and manage location data, all while facilitating a common data environment.

이 버전 정보

버전 1.0, 2023-11-29
Initial release. ACC and Bluerithm issue push/pull/sync with fine tuning options for types of issues, issue files, and continuous sync options.

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