Using matterlab’s ArchiveHub, Autodesk® BIM360® users can archive their data from existing Projects to their own infrastructure. All files and metadata are recorded whilst maintaining the relationships between each data artifact.


Create a complete archive copy of your BIM 360 project


Keep data structure & file versions

Files are downloaded and organized with the exact same folder structure in your archive and include the full version history of your files. 


Users, Companies, Issues, Attachments, etc

Never lose BIM 360-specific data from your project such as Issues, Checklists, RFIs (coming soon) and their attachments. All of these are downloaded and linked directly to your files. 


Complete & rich metadata

Retain all BIM 360 items metadata such as relationships between items, item history or ownership.


Secure by design

While an archive is being processed, customer data is stored using Microsoft Azure cloud storage service, in the EU North Europe region, with encryption at rest and in transit. Customer data is permanently wiped from our system 14 days after an archive completes.


Deliver total data handover at any stage of your project


Transfer-ready archive

The compact archive file format allows you to hand over an archive as simply as sending a file along with a bundled viewer. The recipient doesn’t need to install any specific software. 


Offline archive viewer

Retain easy access to your valuable BIM360 data by using our offline archive viewer that works behind your firewall, without complex deployments or installing any software on your computers. Simply double-click to run.


Future-proof your project data


Recreate your environment

ArchiveHub formats the downloaded data in a way that allows for later recreation of the complete BIM 360 environment in an Autodesk account of your choosing. 


Move your data & retain control

Archives can be freely moved to other networks, cloud platforms or storage systems after the archive process without special software. This means your IT department has full control over permissions and any other settings.




Scheduled archives

Perform automatic archives at chosen intervals based on your project and business needs. Then manage all projects on a company-specific dashboard, all on your internal systems. 


Fast smart downloads

ArchiveHub Enterprise downloads only the content and metadata that has changed between archiving operations, speeding up the process and saving bandwidth and energy on your larger projects. 


The app is compatible with Autodesk® Build & BIM 360 Docs.

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버전 1.0, 2023-06-19
First public release version.

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