AKULAR Connector

AKULAR Connector



The AKULAR platform provides a full solution for displaying your 3D model in Augmented Reality using only your phone or tablet. With AKULAR mobile app, you can walk through 100% size geo-located 3D models in the real world or preview your model with your mobile browser. 


We’re making Augmented Reality simple to use. 


AKULAR consists of a web platform, model conversion pipeline and mobile apps. 

  • On the web, you can upload models, manage projects, manage issues, users and preview models through mobile Web AR (via browser link). 
  • Model conversion pipeline will process your model for usage in a real-time AR app.
  • The mobile app provides full AR functionality. You can use our free AR app or request a custom app tailored to your specific use case. 

Akular Connector features (Accesible from AKULAR web)

  • Transfer your existing models from any Hub to AKULAR
  • Manage Issues for the transfered model


Mobile app features

  • Geolocated 1:1 view
  • Minified room AR view
  • Sun positioning 
  • Model sharing
  • Model opacity setup
  • Model structure browser
  • Accurate positioning through QR codes
  • Predefined views


Try it now

  • Download our free AKULAR App
  • Sign up with AKULAR for free
  • Sign in and authenticate with your Autodesk® BIM 360™ account
  • Upload a 3D model through BIM 360 (or view one of our samples)
  • See your model in AR through the app using only your phone or tablet  


AKULAR BIM 360 connector allows you to upload your BIM 360 models to AKULAR. The app grants read access to your 3D project files and these can be uploaded to AKULAR. After adding the app to your BIM 360 account, you will also be able to upload BIM 360 files via the AKULAR web interface.


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버전 0.1, 2021-09-23
Initial launch

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