Aptix™ Integration Platform


Aptix™ requires a separate subscription to the Topcon Aptix™ Integrations Platform. Please follow our Support link to purchase a license for your project. 


Aptix™ is an integration platform-as-a-services (iPaaS) used primarily in the construction industry to integrate third-party software, project data, and automate workflows all within a single platform. Aptix integrates, automates, and orchestrates construction project software applications and project data into a single source for project insights. Aptix™ connects the field and the office via automated workflows. Integration is the key to automation, and automation is the key to saving time and improving reporting accuracy. Aptix™ provides timely automated dashboard reports to manage project decisions and resource allocations better.


As part of the Topcon family of products, Aptix™ integrates both software applications and sensor applications to provide summary reports on materials, people, and equipment. Aptix™ delivers a multiplier effect benefit by integrating several typically disparate project data sources into one automated workflow and reporting process. Aptix™ integrates third-party applications from scheduling to reporting to telematics and machine control systems. With the Aptix™ platform, you can integrate third-party AEC software, including scheduling and other field operations tooling to build a Digital Twin of your jobsite.


Powered by the Aptix Integration Platform, Aptix Insights provide project performance analytics via secure dashboards and use advanced analytics and our certified Power BI Construction Connector to monitor construction project activity. Gain visibility into the heartbeat of your projects with dashboards. Project teams enhance critical decision-making through user-friendly tools, helping mitigate cost and time overruns while keeping safety at the forefront. Advanced analytics enables data-driven decisions and optimizes best practices. Project challenges become more visible, and you can avoid major causes of project delays and cost overruns.



  • Integration, interoperability, and optimized use of multiple third-party applications
  • Integration of project data across products, disciplines, and teams
  • Optimized productivity on projects, reduced schedule conflicts, and visibility into risks
  • A single source of truth with insightful views of project data and project health
  • Open, secure, and scalable information mobility
  • Open and connected model-based workflows
  • Automated workflows with data source validation, events, alerts, or text messaging


Our experienced and dedicated integrations team utilizes a diverse industry skill set to provide accelerated solution integrations, optimized implementations, and exceptional services for your construction project.

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