Multimedia and Broadcasting Devices Database

Multimedia and Broadcasting Devices Database

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The plugin is a helpful tool for design engineers and CAD drafters who draw interconnection schemes for Audio/Video/Broadcasting/Extra-Low-Voltage/CCTV/Network Systems.

This plugin can help you to get graphical representation of a device on drawings as a 2D block. The block contains information about input and output connectors, power consumption and more.


All sub entities of the block are on their own layers. User can choose which interface (Audio/Video/Network/Control etc) he wants to use.

The free databases already contain blocks of devices from manufacturers such as Crestron, Extron, AJA, Blackmagic, Kramer, GrassValley, Tascam etc.

Also, you can create own databases using the free app Base Manager.


To get the full free library of devices visit 


You can use this plugin together with free plugin Commutation Panels and Racks, helping to draw schemes with patch, termination panels and 19” and 10” rack furniture.

In this case, User can apply free FillRack plugin to Multimedia and Broadcasting Devices Database plugin, and insert devices into the rack furniture.


Multimedia and Broadcasting Devices Database is the main part and engine of AViCAD

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Version 1.3, 22.06.2018
New plugin is available: Schemes Manager. It helps to see in real time what is happening in the drawing. You are able to change ip-addresses, system names and locations of devices. Duplicate devices will be highlighted. You also can filter your devices by type, manufacturer and location and export this information to excel file. There is possibility to change visible information of rack representation of device from only Sysname to Sysname and manufacturer and vice versa.

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