C3D Parcel Tools

C3D Parcel Tools

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A collection of tools to manipulate parcels in Autodesk® AutoCAD® Civil 3D®.

Legal Writer: Creates highly customizable Legal Descriptions directly from C3D Parcels or CAD geometry.  Contains a capable word processor, or you can export the description to Microsoft Word in a single click.

Legal Reader: Open a file containing a legal description (or paste text from clipboard) and with a single click, the bearings & distances are parsed to a grid with coordinates and closure calculated.  Most curves are detected, including support for radial-in, radial-out.  Includes built in curve calculator for stubborn segments.  Once closure is acceptable another click draws the boundary in CAD.

Deed Input: Allows the input of deed calls (bearing/distance) along with curve options.  All input is on the number pad for fast entry and the results are drawn as each segment is completed.  You can save your input at any time, make changes and replay the script in case of bad input.

Detail Report: Detailed report about a single parcel.  Includes point number and description (found at parcel point), bearings, distances, and all curve data.  When an alignment is selected the station/offset can even be included.

Summary Report: Includes basics such as parcel properties (like area) as reported by Civil 3D but also has the ability to collect the parcel bearing/distance and curve labels and do a true map check.  Can even obtain the data from line/curve tables when tags (such as L1, C1) exist.

Label: Select multiple (or all) parcels and label bearings, distances and curve data.

Convert: Converts a selection set of linear objects (and hatches) to parcels, obtains parcel name from contained text.

Rename: Rename a selection set of parcels by specifying a find/replace string.

Select: Select parcels by area range, name or site (with wildcards).

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Version 6.0.0, 14.06.2017
11/15/2015 Initial release. 06/14/2017 Minor revision for 2018 compatibility

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