Stream Tools

Stream Tools

Win64, English

Tailwater Limited
This app provides functionality to develop stream channel 3D polylines (break lines) to create a stream channel surface for stream channel design/restoration projects.

General Usage Instructions

The user develops a stream alignment following a tangent-curve-tangent pattern and a bankfull profile then uses CREATESTREAMBREAKLINES to open the user interface. The user interface allows the user to define the riffle, pool, and glide (optional) cross-sections along with the positions of key targets along the alignment. When the user clicks the Finish button the program will output 3Dpolylines representing the breaklines within the bankfull channel surface.

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Ribbon/Toolbar Icon Command Command Description


Project a 3D polyline to an alignment and generate a profile.


Opens user interface and outputs stream breaklines.


This command allows the user to output the reference profile so it can be modified and used when creating stream breaklines. The purpose of this command is to allow the user to include custom drops for structures such as J-hooks.


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Additional Information

Tailwater Limited's design process is described on our YouTube channel through a series of videos. Check out our YouTube channel to learn more!

Known Issues


Company Name: Tailwater Limited

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Tailwater Limited

Support Information

Version History

Version Number Version Description


This version increases user options.


Added 2024 support


Stream Tools first update includes fixes for profile proration error and project points to 3D polyline error that occurred with the first point did not land on the alignment. The reference method was adjusted to define the riffle depth at the middle of the tangent section. Added the option to define riffle drop through cross-sections and bankfull line rather than defining the pool drop (this value is typically 0) for use in steeper systems where structures are being used for grade control.


This is the first release of the stream tools.
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