Pipe Network catalog for EU market

Pipe Network catalog for EU market

Win64, English

Pipe Network catalog for EU market with full PN class dependent pipe inner/outer diameters.

General Usage Instructions

This is an additional content pack for your Autodesk® Civil 3D®. It enables you to create pipe network related tasks with components that are based on EN/ISO standards and/or manufacturer specific data sheets.

After installation, you need to point to the new catalog path. Using Civil 3D default user interface and the ribbon, go to: Home > Create Design > Set Pipe Network Catalog. A new dialog opens, select the folder to where you installed the content. You should then pick a new “Pipe catalog” and a new “Structure catalog”.



Installation depends on your Civil 3D version:

  • Default installation path for Civil 3D 2022 is (can be changed during installation): C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\C3D 2022\enu\Pipes Catalog
  • After installation, the following catalogs are copied into specified location:
    • EN Plastic Pipes (Generic)
    • EN Plastic Pipes (Pipelife)
    • EN Structures (Generic)
    • EN support-files
  • Please read additional information from the catalog EN support-files. For example, you need to copy some of the templates to your current Civil 3D template folder, so that structures can be correctly used.
  • This catalog is no different from default catalogs in terms of how to start using it. You simply need to assign new catalogs first and create pipe network parts based on new content.

More information about the use of the current content can be found from: https://www.flowbim.ee

Additional Information

Content is carefully tested but delivered as is. Although no files are altered during installation, users are responsible by themselves if changes are applied to any of files. It is recommended that a backup is made before any copy/replace is carried out.

Known Issues

Please use "." as a decimal symbol in your Windows' Control Panel > Region settings. Otherwise the content (especially structures) may not work correctly.


Company Name: FlowBIM
Support Contact: info@flowbim.ee

Author/Company Information


Support Information

Support is available as a subscription service only.

Contact info@flowbim.ee for support.

Version History

Version Number Version Description


2022.0.1 - fixed an issue with the installer dialog, installer dialog is now resizable (no change in content) 2022.0.0 - initial release


Pipes - Fully changed with Civil 3D 2022 (EN/ISO standard based, Manufacturer specific content) Structures - No changes


Added 2021 support.


Added 2020 support.


Added 2019 support.


Added 2018 support.


Initial version.
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