Slope Across Pipes

Slope Across Pipes

Win64, English

Red Transit Consultants, LLC
Tools for quickly modifying pipe slopes and elevations.

General Usage Instructions

Find the tools on the ribbon tab called Slope Across Pipes and use them whenever you are working with adjusting your Pipe Network elevations.

See each individual command description for specific instructions or watch short videos on YouTube.




Ribbon/Toolbar Icon Command Command Description


Quickly adjust elevations and slopes of multiple pipes by selecting a downstream pipe/structure and an upstream pipe/structure. Command will return all pipes/structures along the shortest path in between. Follow command prompts to enter information. See Help document in the installation package for more information. YouTube - Pipe Slope Multiple:


Quickly adjust a single pipe's elevations and slope by selecting one end of the pipe and entering information in the command line. YouTube - Pipe Slope Single:


This command allows for assigning specific pipe slope values and is set to work in conjunction with Pipe Slope Single/Multiple. This command/feature will allow users to quickly assign specific slopes to specific types of pipes by using the selection filter when assigning the pipe slopes.


This command allows for assigning specific structure drop values and is set to work in conjunction with Pipe Slope Multiple.


This feature allows for skipping specific structures within the drop feature of Pipe Slope Multiple. Assigning this to structures will force those structures to be skipped when encountering the drop function.


This feature opens several tool palette tabs for options that work with Pipe Slope Single and Pipe Slope Multiple. Listing all structures and pipes that have been assigned with slopes, drop values or skip values. Catalogs tab provides the ability to build out a catalog of minimum slope values based on part type.


Lists information about the app.


Opens HTML Help Document.


Loads and unloads the Slope Across Pipes Ribbon.


Provides a tool palette interface with direct access to Training Videos, Support form, and Red Transit Consultants, LLC website from within the app


For Network License users, launches a tool to facilitate in borrowing a license.


For Network License users, a tool to determine who is currently using a license.


For Standalone License users, a tool to extract your required computer information and to submit for your license.


Ribbon button will highlight when updates are found for the current product. Opens a dialog to state what updates are found and how to obtain them.


App ribbon launches with highlighting which command are new or have been updated. These automatically turn off after 14 days of product usage. This tool allows for toggling these on/off anytime during and after that period.



1. Download the MSI installer from the Autodesk App Store – it may have already started downloading after purchasing.

2. Close Civil 3D.

3. Install the MSI installer downloaded in step 1. The application will install to the directory below – all contents will be held within a respective bundle folder.

     a. C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\ApplicationPlugins

4. At this time, it is important to determine if you desire a network license installation or a standalone license installation. Please see the respective links below based on your determination of license type. Additionally, please read the up about Red Transit Consultants, LLC licensing on our website; link provided below.

     a. Standalone License Instructions

     b. Network License Instructions

5. Launch Civil 3D. Depending on which licensing option chosen, you may be prompted to select your license file. You should see a ribbon tab called Pipe Network Tools containing all of the tools the app provides.

Additional Information

Known Issues

If the Civil 3D pipe catalog is not found or does not contain the structure used in the drawing and the app is run on pipes in the drawing, the structures will not resize and will not allow for resizing. This is a common Civil 3D issue, but we felt it necessary to make it aware.

The app does not care about pipe or structure rules, if rules are applied, the network could be reset and set values could be lost.

All parts must be connected for the pipe slope multiple commands to process. The app will alert if this is not found true.


Company Name: Red Transit Consultants, LLC

Author/Company Information

Red Transit Consultants, LLC

Support Information

At any time, simply email, and provide the application plugin name or command name and a detailed description of the error that occurred. We will get back to you as soon as possible and determine a solution to the issue.

Version History

Version Number Version Description Full list of new features, enhancements and bug fixes at the link below

Modified licensing system so that in Network licensing situations the app only obtains a license when a command is executed. Civil 3D still has to be closed to release the license.

Licensing system has been changed to Flexera. We now offer network licensing capabilities as well as other features.
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