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Simulate a vehicle's movement along a polyline through animation tools. Define your vehicles and paths. Create routes by picking a vehicle and a path from your collections and animate your vehicle!

General Usage Instructions

If your workload includes tasks such as analysis of moving vehicles and clash detection, Animator is a unique tool that will take this task off your shoulders, in a fast and accurate way.

Use Animator in cases that:

You have to place a vehicle along a pathway and check its movement

You have to Coordinate different studies

You have to measure the critical distances between a moving vehicle with surrounding objects

You want to elaborate on Longitudinal Cross Sections

You have to check As-Built situations

You have to survey and compute the length that a vehicle protrudes from a path, due to horizontal curves



Ribbon/Toolbar Icon Command Command Description


Open Animator Palette by pressing Animator at ribbon. On Animator Palette, you can select polyline and vehicle and start a new route.


In case your vehicles and paths are included in another drawing, import these data to your current drawing.


Add Pen Points on your vehicle in case that you need to check traces generated from more points.


Run the Animator Installer check [Install] and click [Next]. The user is granted a 1-month trial period. After the installation, a Request Code gets generated.

This code should be sent to when the user purchases Animator.

Click [Finish] and Animator is installed at the selected path. 

Open Autodesk® AutoCAD® and enjoy Animator! 

In case you need to uninstall, run AnimatorInstaller.exe, check [Uninstall], and click [Finish].

Known Issues

The app simulates the movement of vehicles that are traveling on a certain track (such as trains mostly).

For car/track vehicle movement please wait for AnimatoX, soon to follow!


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