FILLBOUND - Fills boundaries with polylines

FILLBOUND - Fills boundaries with polylines

Win32 and 64, English

CAD Design Software
Fill closed polyline boundaries using a specific polyline width instead of a Hatch pattern.

General Usage Instructions

This Polyline Fill program will only support CLOSED-Polyline Boundaries. To check if a boundary is closed, use the LIST command and select the polyline boundary shape.


If object shows Closed, then this will be supported. If object shows Open, then you will need to Close the boundary Before using FillBoundary. Use the PEDIT command and pick the shape and 'Close'. Use the LIST command again to confirm now closed.


Open the command to select one of the four types of fill to use.


Use the Fill on Object's Layer to create the polyline fill on the selected object(s) layer or select another existing layer in the drawing to use. You may also create a new layer to be used.


Set the Options for Width of the polylines that will be created for the fill, overlap distance and an Angle (or accept default 0 angle). If the Fill Boundary is selected, the Fill percentage is available to control the percentage of the area to be covered by polylines.


Optional settings include; Sharpen Corners to include progressively smaller polylines at corners and Delete Original Edge to remove existing boundary after Fill routine.


Pick the OK button and a PROMPT will appear to select objects (or boundary within a block). Select the object(s) to process or pick the containing boundary outline and then press <Enter> to run.


NOTE: If experimenting with values, it is recommended to use the UNDO command and set a Mark. This will allow you to run the command and use the UNDO>Back to return to the Mark made before running.



Ribbon/Toolbar Icon Command Command Description


Fill closed polyline boundaries using a specific polyline width instead of a Hatch pattern.


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Additional Information

Known Issues

Does not support filling of CIRCLE, ARC or ELLIPSE native objects.


Company Name: CAD Design Software
Support Contact:

Author/Company Information

CAD Design Software

Support Information


Contact No: 1-877-CAD-USER

Version History

Version Number Version Description


The Fill Boundary function was enhanced for better performance and the Fill on Layer function updated.


Minor fix, no interface or functional changes to the app itself.


AutoCAD® 2017 Compatible


Includes 2016 certificate, Support of ADT


Initial Release

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