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This tool allows you to create spot elevation labels and slope labels on a grid which is aligned to your selected alignment or polyline.

General Usage Instructions

Click the app icon under Add-ins tab > Complete panel or run "COMPLETE-CARTOGRAMA" to start the command. Select alignment or polyline to use a baseline for the grid. Then select the custom border or surface border option in the command line. For custom border option you will be asked to select closed polyline. Very important that the selected polyline is at 0 elevation.

Note that if the surface which is going to be used for this command is TIN-Volume surface, then you can only use custom border option. Only closed polyline object can be used for custom border. If you select the surface border option, then make sure that your Border Display Mode in surface style is set to Use Surface Elevation option. From the combo boxes select surface to label, spot elevation label style and marker style.



Ribbon/Toolbar Icon Command Command Description


Starts the command by asking the user to select the baseline and border for the grid. After this, a dialog box opens to create spot elevation labels and the grid.


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Version History

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Updated version with some fixed bugs.


Added 2019 support (No change in version number).
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