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Tagis CAD

Win64, English

AR Mavericks, Inc.
Push button publishing of Geolocated Augmented Reality content into the real world from a Civil 3D® session on your desktop. It is as easy as placing a block and it instantly appears at your jobsite.

General Usage Instructions

Geolocation Required

This application requires that the drawing used for this Augmented Reality (AR) publishing workflow must be a geolocated drawing. A geolocated drawing is one, that has a zone and a category set such as Lat/Longs, US States, etc. The app will work with any zone and category settings, it simply needs a real-world geolocation coordinate system defined. Drawing units and other settings are inconsequential to this application workflow. Therefore, any preferred settings are acceptable.

Placing and Publishing Geolocated AR Content

This application publishing workflow is a two-step process, placing tags in the drawing and then committing them (publishing) to the Tagisphere cloud server. The user first places one or more geotag entities into the drawing. This process is like placing a block. When placed in the drawing, each geotag (block) is visible in the drawing and is also added to the Publishing queue.

When a user has placed all the geotags they wish to publish, they then Commit (publish) the tags in the queue to the Tagisphere cloud server. Within only a few seconds, published tags are published to the cloud and become available to anyone in the field, near the actual location of the tag.

Placing Tags

The Tagis CAD installation process adds a Tagis CAD app launch icon to the Add-Ins menu tray. Launching the app opens the Geotag Manager dialog box. To begin placing geotags, the user selects the “Place New Tags” button.

The Place Tags feature will prompt for a location to place the tag. Once the user selects a point in the drawing to place the tag the AR Tag Properties dialog box will open, and the user is required to provide the requested information in the four input fields.

  • Tag Label
  • Hyperlink
  • Category
  • Subcategory

Tag Label

Is a text input field that must have a text value entered. This is the label that will be shown in the drawing at the geotag location and also shown to the user in the field when they use the Tagis Mobile app to view the augmented reality content.

This value should be short descriptive text.


This is an optional value that can contain any valid hyperlink. This would typically be some location in the cloud but any accessible valid url is acceptable. The user should form the entire form of the url to ensure it will work properly including the https:// or http:// prefix as appropriate.

If no value is provided, the field geotag will not be hyperlinked to anything and simply mark a location.


These values are preformatted. The user should select an appropriate Category and Subcategory to organize their augmented reality geotags into logical groups. Field app users have the option to filter by these items to then show items of interest only in a given selected category/subcategory selection.

This free version of the product is limited to the predefined categories. Customization options are available with a paid subscription.

Accessing Augmented Reality Content in the Field

Field users must install the AR Mavericks, Inc. Tagis Mobile app to access the geolocated AR geotags. When user launch the app, it will communicate with the Tagisphere cloud server and report their geolocation. The server will return all known geotags within visual distance of the user.

The application will display all of the geotags found to be within a predefined range of the user. It will also provide a count of how many tags it found. As noted above, the user can filter the scene by category/subcategory to only display tags of a defined category. Users may also adjust the search radius distance to limit or increase the search distance from their current location. This distance is preset to 100 Meters/Yards by default.

The free/trial version of the product uses a shared public repository of geotags. Private data storage and access is available with a paid subscription.



Ribbon/Toolbar Icon Command Command Description


Allows user to create tagged points, and to publish those points to the Tagisphere server.


The installer that ran when you downloaded this app from the Autodesk App Store will begin installing the app/plug-in. OR simply double-click the downloaded installer to install the app/plugin.

To uninstall this plugin, exit the Autodesk product if you are currently running it, simply run the installer again and select the “Uninstall” button. OR click Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features (Windows 8.1/10/11) and uninstall it from your system like any other application.

Additional Information

Using this application is in coordination with an organization and user accounts on the Tagisphere AR Portal www.tagisphere.com

Known Issues


Company Name: AR Mavericks, Inc.
Support Contact: info@armavericks.com

Author/Company Information

AR Mavericks, Inc.

Support Information

The application contains a comprehensive User Guide installed with the app. In addition, users may send support inquiries to info@armavericks.com

Version History

Version Number Version Description


This is the Version 1.0.1 and is released to provide support for Civil 3D 2025.


This is the V1 officially released version.
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