Visual Report Designer - Professional Edition

Visual Report Designer - Professional Edition

Win64, English

Visual Report Designer - Professional Edition (for Autodesk® AutoCAD® Civil 3D®) empowers you to create richly formatted reports using a simple and easy drag/drop process.

General Usage Instructions

Using Visual Report Designer couldn't be easier.

Once installed, the application will automatically create a ribbon panel with an icon to activate. Click on this icon and enter your activation key code from your order receipt. 

Upon successful activation, the ribbon panel will be populated with all of the application icons.

Once the command icons are available, you will be able to launch Visual Report Designer, run reports, etc. 

Please refer to the Visual Report Designer documentation for more information about authoring and running reports:



Ribbon/Toolbar Icon Command Command Description


Launches the Batch Export Report Documents dialog, which allows you to run multiple reports with preset query and option settings in a predetermined sequence.


Updates selected reports which have been inserted into the active DWG (re-runs reports with previous settings - allows you to refresh specific inserted reports to reflect changes to your model).


Launches the Insert Report wizard. From here, reports may be executed and either previewed or inserted to your drawing (layouts or model space).


Launches the Visual Report Designer main application window (for authoring and editing report templates, and running reports).


Launches the Insert Report To Layouts wizard (allows you to automatically run a single report and automatically insert the results to multiple layouts).


Allows you to associate a viewport with an anchor block for use in automatically placing reports in layouts. Also, the linked viewport may be used as a boundary to limit the entities returned in the report query to only those which are visible within that viewport.


Updates all reports which have been inserted into the active DWG (re-runs reports with previous settings - allows you to refresh all inserted reports to reflect changes to your model).


Launches the activation wizard for Visual Report Designer.


Visual Report Designer installs and uninstalls using the standard Windows Installer mechanism.  Administrative permissions are required for installation and license activation.
*IMPORTANT* If you install while Civil 3D is running, it will be necessary to restart Civil 3D before Visual Report Designer will load.  It is recommended that you exit Civil 3D prior to installing Visual Report Designer.

Additional Information

  • Documentation and other information for the latest release of Visual Report Designer can be found here:

  • Permanent Standalone and Network license upgrades are available, as are customization and training services. 
    Contact us directly for details (

  • Visual Report Designer (Lite Edition) is also available for additional users within your organization who do not require report authoring capabilities - it allows such users to run any reports created with a 'Professional Edition' at a significantly lower cost.

  • In addition to the listed versions of Civil 3D, Visual Report Designer also includes legacy support for Autodesk® AutoCAD® Civil 3D® 2013 (64-bit only).

Known Issues

Do not attempt to close the application or switch tabs while a report preview is being generated - instead, use the 'Stop' button to abort the process. Once the preview process had been stopped, the application window may be closed.


Company Name: civil+plus
Support Contact:

Author/Company Information


Support Information

Subscription customers may contact us for support via email the address provided on their sales receipt and on the 'Support' page of our website. Complete product documentation is also provided online.

Trial licenses may be requested directly through our website.



Support email:

Version History

Version Number Version Description


Added support for Autodesk® AutoCAD® Civil 3D® 2017 Added experimental support for Infraworks points (via SQLITE DB) Refer to the product documentation for more information/complete changelog.


Initial release for the Exchange Store. 

Refer to the product documentation for more information re-version history.

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