Narcoossee Parcel Legal Description Report – Basic

Narcoossee Parcel Legal Description Report – Basic

Win64, English

This report automatically creates legal description text based on Autodesk® AutoCAD® Civil 3D® parcel geometry. Parcel Tax ID and owner information is extracted from the parcel description.

General Usage Instructions

This report installs to the 'Toolbox' tab of Toolspace.  It can be found under the civil+plus->parcels category. To run, either double-click the report node in the toolbox, or right-click on it and select the 'Execute' context menu command.

The first time the application is run, you will be prompted for a license activation key - use the key provided with your emailed purchase documentation.

Upon a successful license activation/verification check, the application will launch the 'Run Report' dialog. From here, you may:

* Change query and option settings that control what data the report will target in your DWG, etc.

* Preview the report (generates a report document), from where you may print, export to PDF, XLSX, CSV, HTML, etc.

* Insert the report directly to your DWG in either modelspace or paperspace.




1) Download the installation file from Autodesk App Store. URLs for all supported versions are provided in the same email that contains your license activation key.

2) With Civil 3D not running, install the application. If prompted to download and install or upgrade Visual Report Designer, do so.  The report will not run without a compatible version of Visual Report Designer installed.  See 'Additional Information' for more information on this.

3) Start Civil 3D.

4) Launch the report (found under the category 'civil+plus->Corridors' in the Toolbox (Toolspace).

5) Enter your activation key and proceed to activate your license...


* Administrative permissions are required to install and activate.

* Do not use the 'Activate Visual Report Designer' ribbon bar button to activate this report - this button is only for activating Visual Report Designer, not installed reports.

Additional Information

*** IMPORTANT:  If prompted to download and install Visual Report Designer while installing this report, do so.  This report installer will automatically determine whether a compatible version of Visual Report Designer is installed on the machine - if a compatible version is not found, you will be prompted to download the installation file and either install or upgrade.  Visual Report Designer MUST be installed on your machine in order to use this report.  Note that you do not need to have a separate license for Visual Report Designer to run this report - while the other features of Visual Report Designer will remain disabled until separately licensed, this report will run correctly regardless.

Known Issues

Do not attempt to close the 'Run Report' dialog when a 'Preview' is in the process of being generated.  Use the 'Stop' button to abort the process, and wait for it to actually stop (you'll see the progress meter next to the stop button disappear when the process completes or stops) before closing.


Company Name: civil+plus
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Support Information

Subscription customers may contact us for support via email the address provided on their sales receipt and on the 'Support' page of our website.  Complete product documentation is also provided online.

Trial licenses may be requested directly through our website.



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Initial release on Autodesk Exchange.

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