CTC CIM Project Suite 2021 (Purchase)

CTC CIM Project Suite 2021 (Purchase)

Win64, English

CTC Software
CIM Project Suite was designed as a suite of add on programs to Autodesk® Civil 3D®. Both Civil and Survey users will find great value in this suite of programs.

General Usage Instructions

Refer to the command information for more details on the commands usage.


Ribbon/Toolbar Icon Command Command Description


Automatically label your sheets and drawings with both Civil 3D and Autodesk® AutoCAD® annotation. Choose anchor objects through property filters, then insert 100s of labels at once on surfaces, lines and curves, alignments, mtext, leaders, blocks, and more. Works on multiple drawings and layouts at the same time. Users have detailed control of label insertion, including offsets, rotation, scaling, styles, and more. AutoCAD label text can be populated with custom text, or AutoCAD fields can be inserted to generate dynamic links to anchor objects. Save labeling “scenarios” for quick repeat on other projects or drawings. Label Genie will accomplish what’s typically hours or days of work into a fraction of the time.


Create site grading models that are dynamic and stable at the same time. Define “parent” feature lines through native methods, then create Grading Families to both generate and update “child” feature lines. “Parent” lines can be anything, but might include gutter lines, pond tops, or right-of-way lines in subdivisions. Plug in distance, slope, and daylight parameters to create back/top of curb, pond benches, or side and back of lot feature lines. When “parent” lines change, refresh Grading Families to automatically update “child” lines. Breaklines are automatically added to surfaces. Layer and Style


Generate detailed earthwork definitions by creating earthwork sets. Provide an existing and proposed surfaces, as well as polylines or feature lines to represent varying subgrade depths across the site. Earthwork Processor will do the rest, including generation of a dynamic subgrade surface, accounting for topsoil stripping, and resulting in cuts and fills per region. When designs change simply refresh the Earthwork Set and everything will be updated automatically. Results can be labeled, shaded, inserted in AutoCAD tables, and exported to Excel.


Auto-populate one or more Pipe Network Part’s properties for Labeling or Tabling, including the following fields: Grate, Cover, Frame, Material, Rim Offset, Sump, Reference Surface, Reference Alignment, and Description.


Design pipe runs inside the Civil 3D drawing using a spreadsheet editor.


Sets up the data sources and entities for creating tables from scratch.


Corridor Splitter allows a single corridor to be split into two corridors. All original properties including targets, frequencies, surfaces and more will remain intact saving a lot of time.


Corridor Mapper's first command, which is used to assign layers containing target objects to subassemblies.


Built for all Civil 3D users, this tool allows the swapping of multiple parts, both structures and pipes, for alternatives. Parts will be swapped similar to the native Swap Parts command, but allows it to be performed on multiple parts at a time.


Corridor Cleanup will help users quickly reconstruct their corridor regions without the need for tedious target removal or completely deleting the corridor or regions.


Layer Trace will allow the tracking of layers referenced in Civil 3D styles. The user can choose to swap out a given layer for another layer, or to edit a style's layers right within the tool.


Feature Line to Alignment allows users to automatically generate an alignment and layout profile from a feature line. Used by surveyors to stakeout site feature lines such as curb, or designers needing data conversions without needing to redraw.


Survey Sweeper will allow users to simultaneously delete selected survey points and survey figures from drawings and survey databases.


A tool to merge two or more corridors into one corridor.


The installer that ran when you downloaded this app/plug-in from Autodesk App Store will start installing the app/plug-in. OR, simply double-click the downloaded installer to install the app/plugin.

You may need to restart the Autodesk product to activate the app/plug-in.

To uninstall this plug-in, exit the Autodesk product if you are currently running it, simply rerun the installer, and select the "Uninstall" button. OR, click Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features (Windows 7/8.1/10) and uninstall as you would any other application from your system.

Additional Information

Known Issues

The installer requires an account with Administrator privileges be used.


Company Name: CTC Software

Author/Company Information

CTC Software

Support Information

For product support, please visit:  https://ctcsoftware.com/support.

Version History

Version Number Version Description


Earthwork Processor - First release - Calculate complex earthwork volumes by creating earthwork sets. Provide an existing and proposed surfaces, as well as polylines or feature lines to represent for varying subgrade depths across the site, and Earthwork Processor will do the rest, including generation of a dynamic subgrade surface, accounting for topsoil stripping, and resulting in cuts and fills per region. When designs change simply refresh the Earthwork Set and everything will be updated automatically. Results can be labeled, shaded, inserted in AutoCAD tables, and exported to Excel. Auto Grader - New Features - Added “template” grading families, where users can define standard house or grading pads, then automatically insert them along a roadway. Other new features include automatic surface boundary creation, ability to target feature lines and polylines or hold a slope to end of child feature lines in perpendicular families, frequency control for surface targeting methods around bends on parallel parent feature lines, better stationing controls, create new surface/stype/layer buttons, more user-friendly family editing, and improved performance across the board. Label Genie - New Features - Added option to label in profile and section views with select label types. Added new label types, including blocks, dimensions, general note, pipe network labels, single line text, profile and section view labels, surface contours. Added new anchor object types: arcs, lines, parcels, cogo points, survey points, survey figures, surface contours, and 3d polylines. Added new data contents sources, including user-defined properties, property sets, object data, and block attributes. Additional features, including Civil 3D label overriding, object orientation on point-type labels, "counter" component in data contents, interval anchor points on segment objects, and misc. performance and stability enhancements. Feature Line to Alignment - Fixed an issue where certain feature lines would prevent profiles from being created.


Auto Grader - Bug Fix - Fixed misc issues and bugs: elimiated crashing upon naming two components the same, added validation for numerical inputs, fixed issue where family formatting settings weren't holding, fixed issue where options formatting settings weren't reading from drawing settings, fixed issue where if parent feature lines were deleted from a family auto grader would error out. Label Genie - Bug Fix - Fixed misc issues and bugs: fixed issue where additional drawings wouldn't label when selected layouts option was chosen, fixed issue where station/offset labels wouldn't label along curve alignments, fixed issue where surface filtering wasn't working, adjusted autocad field embedding to not occur on xreffed objects (which would cause the field to break), fixed issue where certain filter settings would cause crashing, fixed issue where segment label styles weren't updating, fixed issue where label genie templates weren't loading. Label Genie - Enhancement - Added option to specify destination layer of labels. Pipe Designer - New Feature - Added option to apply part rule settings to pipe runs. Added option to interpolate slopes between selected parts. Added option to set a min cover across selected pipe run. Added support for null structures. Updated the user interface to be more user-friendly. Enhanced right-click options.


Label Genie - First Release - Automatically label sheets with Civil 3D and AutoCAD annotation. Auto Grader - First Release - Create dynamic site grading models through linked feature line sets. Pipe Designer - New Feature - Pipe deflection across structures now available. Units precision specific to Pipe Designer available in options. Reset column display and spacing to factory default added. Pipe Designer - Bug Fix - Fixed an issue where zooming to structures through right click option zoomed to pipes instead. Fixed an issue where selecting one or two-part pipe runs would cause pipe designer to malfunction. Fixed an issue with use of Match Crowns/Obverts method that would result in inadvertent part elevation changes upon initial load of a pipe run. Parts Swapper - New Feature - Added new pipe run selection method. Added option to retain part size when swapping parts. Added option for when swapping an entire network swapping can be limited to just pipes or structures. Parts Tagger - Bug Fix - Fixed an issue where leaving a field to would sometimes activate the part's rule set. Corridor Cleanup – Enhancement - Made available as a free tool. Assembly Namer - Enhancement - Functionality merged into new app, Label Genie. Removed Assembly Namer as an individual app. Corridor Mapper - Enhancement - Merged all Corridor Mapper functions into a single dropdown in the Ribbon. Corridor Merger - Bug Fix - Fixed issue with trying to merge data referenced corridors. Corridor Splitter - Bug Fix - Fixed issue with trying to split data referenced corridors.


Suite Enhancement: Compatibility for metric and French civil 3D added. Data Wizard Enhancement: Added support for polygonal viewports. Previously only worked on rectangular viewports. Improved functionality on the type of blocks that are created when Data Wizard generates graphics in a table. Blocks are now anonymous blocks and won't show up in the list of block definitions in the drawing. Also added functionality to purge out unused Data Wizard blocks in the drawing when the Update Table command is run on AutoCAD tables with graphics. Data Wizard Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where when a viewport is chosen for creating an autocad table the reference to the viewport would break after closing the drawing. Fixed an issue where unloaded xrefs were causing an error. Tables couldn't be updated after the drawing was reopened. Changed the viewport reference to use a different type of viewport handle ID that doesn't break the link to the table. Fixed an issue where when creating a table in Civil 3D French version an error was received. Fixed an issue where an error would result when working with unclassified user-defined properties in Parcels. Addressed the limited functionality of user-defined properties in parcels through xrefs. Data Wizard does not support this, but no longer errors. Instead will provide a message explaining that user-defined properties in parcels must reside in the current drawing to be extracted. Fixed an issue where when typing backspace in a custom description field the entire field would be deleted. Fixed issue where layout tabs in the first screen were not sorting according to the user order set in the drawing. Addressed issue where blocks in xrefs were not counting correctly. Corridor Merger Bug Fix: Fixed an issue in Civil 3D french version, where after choosing corridors to merge, the Corridor Merger dialog would not load. Fixed an issue where Corridor Merger would occasionaly crash with metric drawings.


Pipe Designer Bug Fix: Fixed logic around use of Crown matching factor when loading a pipe run. Added options for how crown factor and drop is calculated upon loading a pipe run. Pipe Designer New Feature: Added rule set validation functionality, including highlighting of values when a violation occurs. Added additional fields for structures, pipes, and rule status. Allow sorting and display control of columns. Improved functionality for match crowns design method. Added option to display pipe crown/obvert or top of pipe, in addition to invert. Sheet Generator Bug Fix: Fixed issue where matchline clipping at the start and end of station ranges didn't work when station range is only a portion of the alignment. Data Wizard Bug Fix: Fixed issue where Point Groups weren't populating the Filter dropdown menu. Fixed issue where column headers were becoming mismatched with column data. Data Wizard New Feature: Added per-item or per-instance functionality for all object types, where every instance get its own row, not just a summary or representative item per row. This serves purposes where unique information for each instance needs to be tabulated. Added support for Solids and Parcel object types. Added additional fields relevant to Solids and Parcels, including Site Name. Sheet Generator Bug Fix: Fixed issue where matchline text isn't updating after running Update Layouts command. Fixed issue and improved functionality for when north arrow sits outside of the viewport extents. Sheet Generator now looks for the closed instance to the viewport of the selected north arrow block. Fixed issue where last sheet won't update when running Update Layouts on an odd number of layouts. Fixed issue where when include headers is checked on the final page of wizard, headers still didn't show. General: Addressed suite-wide issues with licensing permissions.


Upon uninstallation, installer now removes CIM Project Suite .MNR files from user APPDATA folder. Simplified number of help buttons in apps. Added functionality for help file access when hovering over button and pressing F1. Point File Converter: Resolved issue where app wouldn't launch when CIM Project Suite license was switched from node-locked to network licensing. Resolved issue where Help button was opening old help file. Data Wizard: Improved default value appearance of Graphics scaling override values. Improved scaling behavior of point-type objects scaling in legend creation. Added tooltip on Setup Legend first page, explaining functionality behind choosing a Viewport. Added filtering functionality for Viewport-specific Layer settings. Data Wizard: Resolved issue where xref drawings wouldn't show up in the app when launched from Paperspace. Resolved issue where Layers brought in from xref or additional drawings had "$#$" prefixes. Resolved crashing issue with drawings created from acad.dwt that have not been saved when Data Wizard is run. Sheet Generator: Changed default value for Profile Viewshapes value "Distance from Profile View Start to Align" to be empty instead of 0, allowing the Profile matchline to align with the plan matchline (leaving as 0 will not align them). Sheet Generator: Fixed broken link in Video button. Resolved issue with Sheets not updating when in a Subset. Resolved issue where Sheets were duplicated after running Update Layouts and station ranges changed. Fixed issue where Viewport Annotation scale was not being set. Assembly Namer: Added functionality to choose the Layer on which Labels are created. Feature Line to Alignment: Improved Object Layer functionality for Profiles created. Added functionality for Object Layer wild cards. Improved functionality to NOT create Profile PVIs at Alignment PIs, but only at grade breaks in the Feature Line. Added option to choose Alignment type. Parts Tagger: Added functionality for setting Manning Coefficient for pipes. Parts Tagger: Fixed issue where fields were highlighted when app first launched.


Added compatibility for Autodesk® Civil 3D® 2020. Addressed incompatibility issue with custom Subassemblies. Addressed bug where network licensing acquisition failed. Addressed issue where some addin windows would be stuck behind Civil 3D. Improved recognition of left- and right-side targets in Corridor Mapper.. Fixed refresh issue when editing Surface Adjustment value in Structures in Parts Tagger. Added duplicate filtering feature to Data Wizard, object checkbox functionality to template. Also improved Hatch and Mleader Tabling, Table formatting options, Xref source UI, object quantification, title and header options. Some bugs were also fixed in Data Wizard. Added functionality to Layer Trace for references in drawing objects, Description Keys, Object Layers, and other misc. references.
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