Surface Scaler

Surface Scaler

Win64, English

AMR Consulting
Scales a Civil 3D surface on the X and Y axis only.

General Usage Instructions

Upon running the command, select a Civil 3D surface by pick or dialog. When prompted, input a scale value.

Any value greater than 0 will work. Any value under 1 will scale down from the current size, and scale greater than 1 will scale up from the currect size. A 1 will result in no change.



Ribbon/Toolbar Icon Command Command Description


Prompts for a surface (with a dialog selection option) and prompts for a scale value. Any scale value less than 1 will scale down and a value greater than 1 will scale up.


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Company Name: AMR Consulting
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AMR Consulting

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All support questions can be sent to at any time.

An answer to emails will be returned within 72 hours.

Version History

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Release version of the Surface Scaler.
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