CS Artisan landscape for Autodesk® AutoCAD®

CS Artisan landscape for Autodesk® AutoCAD®

Win64, English

Web-integrated professional landscape solution for AutoCAD - intelligent data-rich CAD system for creating, managing and delivering landscape projects.

General Usage Instructions

CS Artisan is a bolt-on for AutoCAD and therefore fully supports traditional AutoCAD workflows.

Software is distributed and activated via CSD servers and access is controlled via an authenticated username and password associated with an existing organization's account. User details are recorded in a Contacts table accessible to an organization's designated Main Contact &/or Administrator.

Customers are able to gain access using the URL https://palette.csdhub.com/logon.aspx or by selecting the Customer Login via the CSDhub website where users will be confronted by an initial Sign In that requires a valid Email address and Password.

New users or existing users who do not have a password, should pick the JOIN link from the Sign In window. Enter your unique CSD credentials Organisation name and Licence number. 

Add your email address and name and pick JOIN.

If the Email address matches one that already exists under the Organisation’s Contacts, registration of the user is automatic. A link is provided by email or users are able to complete sign in from the same browser session. Create a personalized CS Web App password as prompted and pick Set Password. 

If the Email address does NOT match one that already exists under the Organisation’s Contacts, authentication is required prior to registration. An email is sent automatically to the organization’s Main Contact and Administrator email addresses and requires authentication to let the new user create a personalized password to access CS Web App.

Clearly, there is a benefit in avoiding authentication when new users attempt to access the CS Web App so Administrators are advised to create approved user details in advance by accessing My Account – Contacts from the CS Web App when logged in as an Administrator. 

From here, Administrators are able to Add, Edit and Remove users and to define Contact roles. 




CSD Update Service 

The CSD Update Service has been created to make it easier for users to install our products and to access the latest builds and features without the need for manually checking, downloading and installing.  Once installed, the CSD Buddy App will monitor your installed CSD products and notify you of any available updates, which then can be run automatically without the need for separate downloads and installations.  You can also check for updates at any time by Right-mouse clicking the CSD Buddy App from the Taskbar and selecting “Check for Updates”.

The CSD Update Service currently manages all CSD applications.

After logging in you can download CSD Update Service from:

My Account - Downloads

Once downloaded, install the CSD Update Service with full administrator privileges.  This will create an update service and launch the CSD Buddy App in the service icon area (taskbar) of your desktop for each user as they log in.

Install ArtisanRV for Revit and / or Artisan for AutoCAD

Use the CSD Buddy App to install the required products by right-clicking the Buddy App icon in the taskbar and selecting “Licence, Settings and Install” and follow any on-screen instructions.

Additional Information

Licensing the product

When Autodesk® Revit® / AutoCAD is run for the first time with the respective Add-In / Plugin installed, you will be asked to authorize your license. Enter your login credentials (Organisation Name and Licence Number), select Full or Trial and pick 'Submit Request'

Alternatively, you can request a license by using the “Request Licence” tab in the same “Licence, Settings and Install” form from which you installed the product. 

Once installed, it’s a good idea to check for updates by Right-clicking the Buddy App icon in the taskbar and selecting “Check for Updates”. 

Note that the Buddy App needs to be operational for licensing and this needs to be installed initially with full administrator privileges. There is no requirement for users to manually download or install updates as the CSD Auto Update service is designed to handle this service in the background using pre-authorization. 

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CS Administrator Access

CS Web App Sign In

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Known Issues


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Support Information

Support is provided via the CSD Support page https://www.csdhub.com/support/ where users are able to view Frequently Asked Questions, search the Knowledgebase or log new support issues. 

CloudScapes Contact details are available at https://www.csdhub.com/about-us/contact-us/

CS Artisan Web Help - Artisan Help File

Version History

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Artisan 22130 (64 bit) bolt-on for AutoCAD 2015-2022
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