Boundary Maker – Composite Boundary Boolean Tool

Boundary Maker – Composite Boundary Boolean Tool

Win64, English

CAD Design Software
Generate outlines from any combined object shapes on a user-specified layer with a user-specified offset.

General Usage Instructions

The artwork layers that are ON will be the objects to be processed when selecting, and any layers that are OFF will not be processed. If using the Multiple Output (batch layers), then ‘visible layers’ are not required as the program will process these batch ‘layers’ automatically. Depending on the drawing size and units, all values entered should be realistic to achieve the best results.

Choose a Boolean routine to run Create Void Polygons or Create All Positive Polygons.
Select the Output layer to select the layer to create the new composite boundary (or in the list pick ‘new layer’ to make on the fly). You may also use the Output Boundary from Multiple Layers to create new layers that consist of multiple layers and create batches.

In addition, there are settings for the input and output of negative entities (Subtract Negative Layers and Subtract Contained Shapes). Layers may be selected to be negative, which will then be “subtracted” from positive entities. Negative areas in the output can be represented directly, or drawn as “keyholes” attached to the “positive” outlines.

Pick Run and select the ‘visible’ objects to process and press <Enter>.

See full documentation in the App for details on each section.



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Generate outlines from any combined object shapes on a user specified layer with a user specified offset.


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Compatible with 2025.


Fixed missing DLL issue. No enhancements to App.
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