Pemulis Parcel Labeler 2022

Pemulis Parcel Labeler 2022

Win64, English

Enterprise CIOs
Annotate hundreds of Autodesk® Civil 3D® parcels in seconds with the most appropriate label style chosen from all your styles, not just one line and one curve label style.

General Usage Instructions

Civil engineers and surveyors create maps to represent properties under development, such as subdivisions, skyscrapers, and shopping centers. Maps require bearing-distance line labels and radius-delta-length curve labels, and often tables. Mappers must decide which label style is best for each parcel segment. This process is time-consuming and prone to errors and omissions.

Pemulis Parcel Labeler for Civil 3D eliminates the labor and potential errors associated with this process.

Pemulis Parcel Labeler creates Civil 3D labels for Civil 3D parcels using the most appropriate label style given how a particular parcel segment is being used. For example, a 100+ parcels subdivision can be fully and correctly labeled in seconds - overall and partial parcel segments correctly labeled. The most appropriate Civil 3D label styles used are decided by ... you!



Ribbon/Toolbar Icon Command Command Description


Loads / unloads Pemulis Parcel Labeler for Civil 3D Loading acquires a license whereas unloading frees a license.


Opens the default mail client and creates an email to containing product and licensing information. Use this option to send email support request to the developer.


Runs Pemulis Parcel Labeler for Civil 3D


Display the About dialog for Pemulis Parcel Labeler. The dialog contains version and licensing information.


Opens the Pemulis Parcel Labeler for Civil 3D CHM help manual.


Opens the default browser and displays a YouTube video demonstration of Pemulis Parcel Labeler for Civil 3D


Opens the default browser and goes to the developer's website - Use this option to see the latest software developments from Enterprise CIOs.


Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer). 

To install the application, double-click the file Pemulis Parcel Labeler v12.10 for 2022.msi

To uninstall the application, run Program and Features in the Control Panel, and double-click Pemulis Parcel Labeler v12.10 for Civil 3D 2022.

Additional Information

Note: The application requires an Internet connection the first time it is run inside Civil 3D.

Known Issues


Company Name: Enterprise CIOs

Author/Company Information

Enterprise CIOs

Support Information

Application support requests can be emailed to

The application comes with a command to send email support requests. The phone number is found on the website.

Version History

Version Number Version Description


Pemulis Parcel Labeler for Civil 3D Annotate hundreds of Civil 3D parcels in seconds with the best fitting and most appropriate label style selected from all your parcel line/curve styles. Includes updates and changes to licensing technology. Includes various performance improvements. Includes a secondary installer for subsequent users sharing the same computer.
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