Ponds Creation Tools

Ponds Creation Tools

Win64, English

Vantec Solutions
Automates the geometric design of stormwater ponds in Autodesk® Civil 3D®.

General Usage Instructions

The main interface window gives access to the three main tools of the program: Create Pond Surface, Get Pond Volume and Export Storage Curve.

The Create Pond Surface tool allows the user to quickly generate a pond surface and calculate the maximum storage capacity. Before running the program, the user must draw a polyline that represents the top (maximum water elevation) of the pond. Once this polyline has been defined, the user must enter the geometric parameters of the pond including the depth of the pond, side slope, the top-of-pond elevation and the surface name and style. Next, the user must click the Select Top of Pond and Create Surface button, and select the polyline that was previously defined. The program will create the surface and show a message box with the maximum storage capacity of the pond.

The Get Pond Volume tool can be used to create a table and a chart of volume capacity versus pond depth /elevation for the surface created with the Create Pond Surface tool. The user has the option of exporting the table to a spreadsheet file and copying the chart to the clipboard.

The Export Storage Curve tool creates and exports a depth-area curve for the surface created with the Create Pond Surface tool, to be used in hydraulic modeling software.



Ribbon/Toolbar Icon Command Command Description


The main interface window of PondsCreationTools can be launched by clicking the corresponding button at the Adds-ins tab or by typing pct in the command line.


The PondsCreationTool app can be installed by running the PondsCreationTools.msi file and following the instructions in the wizard. This will install the program in the following location: C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\ApplicationPlugins.

The first time the application is launched, the user will be asked to validate the license. The program will provide a Request Code that the user has to send to support@vantecsolutions.com along with the purchase order. Within 24 hours we will send you back an Authorization Code that will let you run the program. In the meantime, the program can be run on trial mode.

To uninstall the  program, execute the same PondsCreationTools.msi file and follow the instructions.

Additional Information

Known Issues

The app may fail to create the pond surface due to the following reasons:

  • Geometric constraints: the specified pond depth may be too high or the side slope too small.
  • There are zero-length segments in the selected top-of-pond polyline.
  • Other reasons that prevent the selected polyline to be offset.

Use a different pond depth/side slope or fix the problems with the polyline, making sure that performing an offset is possible.


Company Name: Vantec Solutions

Author/Company Information

Vantec Solutions

Support Information

If you have any questions regarding the licencing or use of the program, or any suggestions or bugs to report, please contact us at support@vantecsolutions.com.


Version History

Version Number Version Description


Fifth release: * Added 2023 product support Fourth release: * Added 2021 product support * Works with both imperial and metric units Third Release: * Added 2019 product support


Fourth release: * Added 2021 product support * Works with both imperial and metric units Third Release: * Added 2019 product support


Fourth Release: * Added 2020 product support * Works with both imperial and metric units Third Release: * Added 2019 product support


Third Release: * Added 2019 product support


Second release.
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