Data Exchange - Civil 3D®, Early Access

Data Exchange - Civil 3D®, Early Access

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Data Exchange for Civil 3D® Connector allows you to create and share Data Exchanges and consume Data Exchanges that are created and shared by other Autodesk® and non-Autodesk applications.

General Usage Instructions

Civil 3D Connector - Create and Update Data Exchanges

This topic details how you can create a Data Exchange using the Civil 3D Connector and Update the Data Exchanges after making changes to the Civil 3D model.

Create a Data Exchange

This topic details how to create a Data Exchange of your Civil 3D model using the Civil 3D Connector and save it to Autodesk Docs. After creating the Data Exchange, it will be listed in the Civil 3D Connector interface to view or update later.

1. In the Civil 3D application, ensure you have saved all the changes to your Civil 3D model.

2. Click Data Exchange under the Add-ins tab.

3. Sign in to Autodesk Construction Cloud® using your Autodesk credentials.

4. After signing in successfully, return to the Civil 3D application.

5. Click Create Data Exchange when the Connector interface opens.

6. Enter the following:

– Name: Enter a name for the Data Exchange.

– Save to: Select a folder in Autodesk Docs to save your Data Exchange.

– Filter by: Select option from the Filter By dropdown menu to create Data Exchange by Layer, Layer state, Selection, Object, or Everything in Drawing.

7. Click Create Data Exchange.

Important: If there are unsaved changes to your model, save the changes in Civil 3D before you proceed to create a Data Exchange. If you go ahead with creating an exchange with unsaved changes to the model, you will be prompted to save your changes before the Data Exchange is created.

After the exchange is created successfully, you can view the new Data Exchange listed in Civil 3D with details such as the name, version, date, and time.

Note: The up-arrow button beside the Data Exchange indicates that you created it using your Civil 3D model. If you modify your model locally, then you can update the Data Exchange with the latest changes.

Civil 3D Connector - Load and Unload Data Exchanges

This topic details how you can load and unload Data Exchanges using the Civil 3D Connector.

Load a Data Exchange

The load feature allows you to view and load a Data Exchange from Autodesk Docs to your Civil 3D Connector.

1. Click Data Exchange under the Add-ins tab.

2. Click Load Data Exchanges.

3. You will view a list of the Data Exchanges you can access in Autodesk Docs. You can also switch between different projects from the project dropdown list.

4. Select your project, select the Data Exchange, and click Load.

The Data Exchange is listed in the Connector interface after the load is completed.




Additional Information

Install latest updates of Civil 3D. 

Known Issues


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Support Information

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Version History

Version Number Version Description


1. Support creating and loading exchanges on Autodesk® BIM 360®. 2. Resolved crash issues when both the IFC exporter and Data Exchange connector are installed on the same machine. 3. Minor bug fixes for creating exchanges with corridors.


1. Added support for parameters while creating exchanges from Civil 3D 2. Added support for Primitive geometries (Lines, polylines, Points) while creating exchange from Civil 3D 3. Minor bug fixes


1. Create and Loading exchanges 2. Support creating and Loading Exchanges in EMEA Projects


1. Create and Loading exchanges 2. Support creating and Loading Exchanges in EMEA Projects
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