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KILOMETRICA allows you to transform the content of texts or attributes into kilometer notation, i.e. a representation of the distance in the format with the prefix "km" "kilometer"+"meters.

General Usage Instructions

Type KM or select the icon in the ribbon.

On the command line, you will be asked whether to work with Texts or Blocks.

Then select the items or options in the dialog.

Subsequently, it is proposed whether to operate on the content of the Texts or the Attributes of the blocks: 

Apply to [Blocks / Texts]? <Texts>:

If you select the "Texts" options you will be prompted to select texts you want to transform. 

For example, the text "12568" will be transformed into "km12+568". Conversely, if you select a text like "km12+568" it will be transformed into "12568". 

If you select the "Blocks" option, a dialog box will be shown through which you will select the blocks on which change distance value ("Select blocks >" button).

Subsequently - by pressing the "Attribute..." button - will be possible to select the attribute that contains the measure (distance) on which to perform the conversion. 

Finally, via the "Add/Remove KM" button, the conversion is started. 

During the transformation from 'kilometric' notation to a simple number, it is possible to establish how many decimal digits must be represented. The number is set using the KM_CFG configuration command.



Ribbon/Toolbar Icon Command Command Description


Converts selected numbers into 'kilometer' notation ("km1+234") and vice versa.


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