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Harmony automates the distribution of CAD/BIM standards and configures Autodesk® applications automatically so you never need to worry about which standard is being used on a project.

General Usage Instructions

There are a few functions that are available for admins to use for the configuration of their applications.

  1. Synchronization of content from one location to another

  2. Configuration of design applications (i.e. Autodesk user profiles)

  3. Playlists to control the workflow


Harmony will always synchronize content prior to setting any configurations.

In developing a strategy for your organization, it is worth knowing that Harmony can use either of the items 1 and 2 listed above or both together. Item 3 is used to automate the configuration from a Document Management System offering a “no-touch” experience for the end user.


Synchronization of content

Once a synchronization is complete, any subsequent processing of a standard by Harmony will start a check process to ensure that only the content from the source is at the target. Modifications to the target location are removed and replaced with that from the source ensuring that only the content from the source is at the target location.


Configuration of design applications

To configure a design application, an Instruction file is required and placed within the root folder of the source location. This file is read by Harmony and the configuration applied. The Instruction file is generated by Harmony from the Admin screen. This is where the configuration of the application is set.



The only item required to automate a project is to have a valid Playlist file in a folder. The Playlist automates the process of ensuring the most current up-to-date standards are synchronized and the design application configured properly. This occurs before the file is opened and thus allows an application to be configured prior to launch. The Playlist file is generated by Harmony from the Standards tab of the Admin screen.




Double-click the installer to start the installation for Harmony.

The installation is approximately 10 MB in size and will take a few minutes. If you have Autodesk applications installed, a plug-in for it will automatically be installed. To integrate with Autodesk applications, Harmony must be installed after Autodesk applications.

Uninstallation: Go to standard Windows program uninstaller from Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features.

Additional Information

Getting started with Harmony is simple. The first time you launch Harmony, you will have the option to initiate a trial period that lasts 15 days and gives you full access to the entire product. 

By downloading this application, Pencil 9 should receive your email details and will be in regular contact with you to ensure you have the best experience and fully understand the product.

If you do not receive an email from Pencil 9, please contact us at support@pencil9.com to learn more about Harmony.

Known Issues


Company Name: Pencil 9
Support Contact: support@pencil9.com

Author/Company Information

Pencil 9

Support Information

Users can contact support@pencil9.com for any user support-related enquiries.

A user guide is available at: https://www.pencil9.com/harmony-user-guide.html 

Our Service Level Agreement can be located at: https://www.pencil9.com/terms-of-service.html which details how, when, and where support is available.

Version History

Version Number Version Description


Enhanced application support Autodesk product launcher improvements Cloud repository functionality


Enhanced application support and minor bug fixes.


Initiate Trial organization CADWorx Plant Professional support Autodesk® 2023 support
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