Zoom to Profile View

Zoom to Profile View

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This tool adds the following features to your Autodesk® Civil 3D®:


  • "Zoom to Profile View" is added to the right-click context menu for Alignments.
  • "Zoom to Alignment" is added to the right-click context menu for Profile Views.


When you have many Alignments in a drawing, it can be a hassle to search for the corresponding Profile View and zoom into it. This tool makes it easy by adding "Zoom to Profile View" and "Zoom to Alignment" to the right-click menu. It works just like zooming between Alignments and Sample Lines, making it simple and quick to use.


This tool saves time and makes it less likely to pick the wrong alignment or profile view. It's user-friendly, helping new users get the hang of it fast. Adding these options to Civil 3D makes the software better and easier to use for all modelers.


For a detailed guide on how to use this tool, refer to the help file.

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Version 1.0.0, 5/15/2024
Initial release

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