Attributor | Block Tag Attribute Drop Down Lists

Attributor | Block Tag Attribute Drop Down Lists

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Attributor adds the capability of configuring and using DROP-DOWN LISTS on Autodesk® AutoCAD® block attribute tags.


Using simple text files, you can configure drop-down lists (aka look-up lists) on specific block attributes and configure/flag certain tags as mandatory/required entries. This provides an enhanced user experience while also ensuring accurate data entry. With Attributor you can edit and update block tags (and tag values across multiple instances of a block) using drop down lists and configured values. By using the Attributor OSBLOCKINSERT command instead of the INSERT command the same attributed blocks are presented in a familiar user interface but with the addition of drop-down lists on the attribute tags as configured through the simple text files.


Users can quickly and easily choose the desired value from a context-specific list for attribute tag values. This ensures accurate data entry and speeds up data capture. Options are provided for users to toggle the display of the Tag and/or prompt descriptions, and for the attribute values, toggle Code and/or Description display. Attributor supports insert and edit functions on standard (not dynamic) blocks with attributes through the 2 commands provided – OSBLOCKINSERT and OSATTEDIT. The attribute Tags of AutoCAD blocks and their properties such as location, layer, visibility, and default values are used as in standard AutoCAD functionality. Users can use the AutoCAD INSERT or ATTEDIT commands on the same blocks that OSBLOCKINSERT and OSATTEDIT can be used on.


Attributor is a small part of the As Constructed Design Certification (ACDC) solution from Open Spatial. ACDC provides both cloud and desktop self-validation capabilities of DWG drawings against industry or custom data standards in the cloud at ASCONSTRUCTED.COM. ACDC validates entities on layers, attributes of blocks, spatial checks such as isolated blocks or lines without blocks and more. During validation entity properties and attributes are not only checked but are written into configured object data tables. Attributed data can also be mapped and written directly to GIS and CMMS databases. ACDC provides the applications and user interface for you to configure and maintain the entire process. The ACDC solution provides both desktop and portal-based validation tools enabling in-house and contractor/project-based validation and interactions.


In short, ACDC greatly improves efficiencies and enables automated comprehensive data checking and structuring of CAD and attribute data before data loading into GIS and/or CMMS systems. The ACDC solution supports custom CAD, Attribute, and GIS standards.


Open Spatial also provides an off the shelf ACDC portal validation set and toolkit including:

  • National CAD Standard based layer names
  • Data definitions, blocks, menu’s, and layers are provided for
  • Civil, Water, Sewer, Storm, Natural Gas, Electrical, Landscape and Survey disciplines
  • A full set of attributed blocks is available for each discipline
  • Matching ACDC portal validation set rules for mandatory attributes, domain values, spatial rules and attribute rules
  • Output as DWG with Object data or SHP Files


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About This Version

Version 1.41, 5/31/2023
Attributor | Block Tag Attribute Drop Down Lists Version 1.41 : Add 2024 support. Changes selection behavior. Launching the app will no longer clear the selection set Zoom to entities have been relaxed to show more context

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  • Attributed block data population streamlined
    Brenton O'Rourke | April 07, 2021 Verified Download (What's this?)

    First itteration of this app is good, helps compilation of any attributed block workflow/process. Set-up to streamline data entry for working form a data standard within the ACDC template/Validation Portal. Attributor can be modified to support any type of consistent data entry.

    Johan Nel (Publisher) | August 20, 2021

    Thank you for the review Brenton. Version 1.3 will be available soon, adding Multi edit and “zoom to” capability

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