Point objects. Executive schemes.

Point objects. Executive schemes.


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The application creates arrows with signatures of deviations from the project in the plan, as well as the callouts with the value of the deviation from the altitude.

As the actual position, you can use:

  • Block
  • Point
  • CoGo point


As a project position, you can use:

  • Block
  • Point
  • CoGo point
  • Circle
  • 2D/3D polyline
  • Spline
  • Line


The application has a large list of settings.

This module is included in the set https://apps.autodesk.com/ACD/en/Detail/Index?id=1049616607517064211

Please note: this is a 30-days trial version. For further work of the application, please register (Registration costs $9 per year).

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Version 2.1.2, 5/10/2018
Initial release.

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