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This app automates the process of exporting profile view data and profile data to DXF format for use with the leading slope stability calculation software such as Rocscience's SLIDE software and Geostudio's Slope/W software. Manually processing requires users to explode a profile view so that the profiles are in polyline form, trace the profile view's right and left boundaries and the datum line for each profile view, close each profile off as individual closed polylines, and then move each polyline by a station/elevation value to a corresponding X,Y value. Then the user has to WBLOCK each polyline out to it's own file, and finally go through each file to create a DXF.

This app automates the entire process and names the files corresponding to the profile name. It also creates an overall merged boundary polyline of all profiles, used for setting up SLIDE's spatial area for import.

NOTE: This app is also great for those looking to export a profile view for someone to use in basic Autodesk® AutoCAD®. Each polyline is placed on it's own layer corresponding to the profile name on export.

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Version, 5/20/2021
Fixed an issue with Network Licensing situations.

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  • Great Tool!
    Christopher Powell | September 24, 2015 Verified Download (What's this?)

    Works great and saves tons of time. Pays for itself the first use.

    Brad Kanther | November 22, 2016

    Does this work with section views or profile views only?

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