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7cad Dynamic Block

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This app enables the STRETCH command to stretch dynamic blocks when the crossing windows catch the dynamic parameter grips.

Supported parameters: Point parameters, Polar parameters, and Linear parameters.

For linear parameters, the app can't automatically detect its angle. By default, it is assumed horizontal, with no rotation. If it is not, manual setup steps should be taken to tell the app what the angle is:

+ Run 7cadDynamicBlockSetup command.

+ Switch to tab Details Setup (see screenshot "Detail Setup").

+ Click the button "Select A Dynamic Block" and select the block.

+ All supported parameters are shown in a list. Select the linear parameter, for example, as in the screenshot, select "LENGTH".

+ Properties editor for "LENGTH" parameters will show.

+ Then you can specify the Initial Rotation.

+ If LENGTH is flipped by a flip parameter, which means, its rotation is changing accordingly. Then, as seen in the screenshot, in the "Check if the parameter is rotated by" list box, you should check the flip parameter, which is "Flip Vert".

You can see sample blocks in the "Sample Dynamic Blocks for Tests.dwg" drawing in the app's folder.


It is not supported if the linear parameter is rotated dynamically via another parameter's action.

The app does not work as expected if you have many chained action parameters.

In both above cases, a custom programming solution is required.

About This Version

Version 2.0.0, 10/4/2022
Added a new page in the Setup window for parameter detail setup. Upgrade the algorithm to work with more complex dynamic blocks. Added Autodesk® AutoCAD® 2023 support. Update the .NET framework files.

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