CROX dynamic diagram

CROX dynamic diagram



CROX is a simple program allowing you to create diagrams or conduits via block insertion. CROX will dynamically change a block when changing the angle during the process. Also, while using CROX, you can press the TAB key to switch the block or C key to switch the main pipe or Line.


Any custom blocks can be used! That means that you can create any kind of diagrams with any style. The only limit is your imagination!


CROX comes as a 15 days trial. The counter is affected only when used.

The trial has no restriction, all options will work.


To acquire a license, a subscription is required ($29.70).

More details see:

Note:  This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer).

About This Version

Version 18.119, 5/21/2018
This version includes 2 blocks library styles.

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    Andrea Andreetti | July 19, 2022

    very useful !

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