Okala Ecodesign Strategy Tool

Okala Ecodesign Strategy Tool




Ecodesign strategies help designers and system developers imagine new opportunities. These design approaches are intended to reduce the ecological impact of a product, service or system. Depending on the context, each ecodesign strategy can be applied more or less successfully. Any ecodesign strategy can be counterproductive when applied to a particular product or service; they are not universally beneficial in all situations.



The Okala Ecodesign Strategy Wheel is a modification of the wheel developed by Brezet and van Hemel. The wheel clusters strategies according to the stages of the lifecycle of the product. Designers can use many of these strategies, or focus on a few. The wheel serves as a powerful brainstorming tool to explore areas of product development or improvement that have not yet been considered.



Ecodesign requires as much thoughtful design thinking as any other design activity. This means recognizing when an ecodesign strategy is or is not working in a project or system. The ecological effectiveness of the strategy can be best gauged by an assessment to measure the product system impacts.

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