Lot Grading Tools allows users to set grading parameters and elevations for Lot Lines and Pads using a fence selection through the lots and pads and adds the feature lines to the surface they’re working on as they are grading.


The tools offer a variety of grading parameters and checks to automatically set lot elevations and pad elevations, including a reveal feature line that is offset from the pad at a specified distance. The reveal parameters can be used to set ground grades next to the pad, ensure a rear patio slopes away from the pad, and more. Another key feature of the app is the ability to label lot grading plans in just a few clicks with its Labeling Tool. With the Labeling Tool feature in the app, users can easily label lot line elevation and high points, pad elevations, as well as pad reveal elevations.

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Version, 9/13/2021
Added 2022 support.

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  • Top Tier Time Saving Software
    Grant Smith | November 11, 2020

    We've been using this software for a while and I just have to say this is hands down the most efficient and valuable add-in we've ever purchased. It turns days of work into just a few hours and it is insanely easy to understand and operate. It is just incredible. We can't rave enough about it. 

    -Grant Smith

    Senior CADD Designer 

    LandDev Consulting

    Steve Hill (Publisher) | November 12, 2020

    Thanks Grant! Glad the app is working well for you. We hope to make it even better in the next release.

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