Civil CAD Learning Solutions Tools

Civil CAD Learning Solutions Tools

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This suite of apps contains a variety of productivity tools that will help save design time during the different design phases of a project while working in Autodesk® Civil 3D®.


Label at Intersection

This command adds surface labels at selected feature lines or polylines at the intersections.


Label Update

This command updates surface labels that were created by the Label at Intersection command


Label at Vertices

This command inserts surface labels along all vertices selected along feature lines or polylines.


Relink Xrefs

A tool that re-path or relinks external reference drawing paths for base drawing or drawing plan sheets.


Profile Thickness

This command applies a design profile thickness to each profile view.


Profile Thickness Update

This command updates the profile thickness if the design profile changes.


Parking Count

This tool creates a parking count table-based line and curve labels. 


Parking Count Update

This command updates the parking count table if the parking stalls have been revised or edited.


Pavement Quantities

A tool to report pavement quantities based on hatches. Select the hatches and place a table showing the area and cubic yardage of the pavement. 


Pavement Quantities Update

This command updates the pavement quantities and table.


Pavement Quantities Edit

The edit tool allows the design to delete and add hatches, add volume, and cost calculations to the table.


Rename Parts

This tool allows the designer to rename multiple pipes, structure, or both on the fly through a simple dialog box.


Dry Utility BIM

The tool creates multiple pipe networks simultaneously for the dry utilities in trench such as gas, electric, telephone, cable, or other utility. The pipes can also be created stacked in layers.


Highlight Pipes

The command highlights a pipe or structure with dashes when working in plan and profile view. This allows the designer to see the same object location in a different view.


Pipe Network Quantities

The command creates a simple quantity take-off showing the lengths of pipes and the number of structures in the selected networks. The output is a csv file or an AutoCAD table.


Polyline Lengths

The command reports the lengths of polylines, 3d polylines, lines, curves, arcs, feature lines, and survey figures on layers.

About This Version

Version 2.21, 6/19/2024
Added command to create offsets from selected polylines for streets. Added missing dll files that prevented older versions from being entitled correctly. Digitally Signed.

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  • Completely Satisfied
    Ron Mitchell | June 20, 2024 Verified Download (What's this?)

    We love all the apps that we pruchased. As stated before, these are saving us days of work. From cutting profiles, labelling sewer, generating alignments, quantities.....we are happy will all of them. We also appreciate the quick email response from Tony about the questions we have. 

  • Increasing Productivity - HOURS & Days saved
    Jason Schmidt | November 02, 2023 Verified Download (What's this?)

    The utilities in the application suite provide real productivity.  The ability to generate multiple alignments, profiles, profile view and sheets in minutes is a huge time saver.  There are a number of tools in the suite that make hour to hour and day to day task take a fraction of the time that is traditionally spent.  The power to utilize these tools on multiple alignments/profiles at the same time is where you will gain productivity.  Labeling becomes a quick part of your workflow rather than a time consuming monotonous headache.  I can say that typically I'm saving intially day/s of work upfront on medium to large projects consisting of streets and utility work.

  • awesome tools
    Wiktor Tomkiewicz | November 02, 2023 Verified Download (What's this?)

    The Create Multiple Pipe Networks Tool is great for creating pipe networks at a given cover. I used 5 feet of cover and it worked great for a sewer job I'm working on. 

    I also used the Multi-Profiles tool quite a bit to make profiles with the pipe networks pretty quickly. 

  • Love this Spot Elevation Tool!
    Corinne Van Vliet | February 28, 2023 Verified Download (What's this?)

    I am so happy to have this Spot Elevation tool now, to label spot elevation in minutes, instead of hours!!! The other tools are great to, I had hundreds of profiles I needed to add the Subgrade surface to, and was able to add it in minutes with these add on apps!

    leonard carcamo (Publisher) | March 03, 2023

    glad you are enjoying our apps. Thank you for your post. :)

    Andrea McDaniel | May 24, 2022

    This app is not saving us hours, it is saving us days!! Labeling dozens of profiles, and hundreds of lots in minutes.

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