Dynamic blocks for concrete structures

Dynamic blocks for concrete structures

Michael Rokhlenko



Provided in this app are reinforcing dynamic blocks that contain details of beams, columns, walls, as well as rebars and stirrups.


This application (complete set) is a set of dynamic block patterns with pieces of concrete beams, columns, walls and elements of reinforcement (rebar reinforcing cages, reinforcing fabric and various types of stirrups). Changing the geometry of each template automatically leads to an adjustment of the related pattern of reinforcing elements, including the length of reinforcement bars. Calculation of the length of reinforcement is done using mtext fields.


Flexible configuration of templates allows the use of combinations of dynamic blocks for different details. For example, the detail can be supplemented by a part of the wall rising from a beam, creating the desired image of the two and/or more dynamic blocks. Also, two dynamic blocks can be used to create images of concrete beams with a width exceeding 60 cm, with two, three or four stirrups.


Reinforcement cage dynamic block for anti-seismic beams allows the adjustment of the angles of reinforcement in the beam.

Most dynamic blocks (in the complete set) are designed to a scale of 1: 2.5, but NONCOR dynamic blocks use annotative text to the scale of 1:5.


Enjoy exploring the "Dynamic block for concrete structures"!


Note: Only some of the blocks represented in the screenshots are included in the trial version.

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Version 1.0, 5/25/2016
Part of the library is fully functional dynamic blocks for debugging and determining demand. Important! The screenshots present options for editing the blocks in the library. Only some of the blocks represented in the screenshots are included in the trial version 1.0.

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