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Never have the difficulty of remembering and searching your Data Shortcuts WorkingFolder/ShortcutsFolder again! Data Shortcuts Assistant keeps a calendar of history of your Data Shortcuts so you can easily set as current. This takes away the dreaded 'BrowseForFolder' native windows interface for navigating folders where it does not allow copy-pasting of path/folder as the feature simply does not exist, thereby frustrating users. This tool offers an easy managing of Working Folders and their respective Shortcut Folders. It is also easier to switch between projects, whether they are legacy or recent ones, as history is accessed via a calendar.



1) Project network-folders are deep, and most of the time in the companies, the folders are named according to project numbers. These are hard to remember for the day-to-day user. But as a user, you named your Autodesk® AutoCAD® Civil 3D® objects logically, even filling in the Description fields. You wish there could be a way for fast searching of projects that you have used in the past. The Data Shortcuts Assistant Search tool provides this feature. Easily search and set the Working folders that you have used and dive straight to your modelling of structures without wasting time searching.


2) You are set in one project and engrossed totally in your design/modelling in Civil 3D. Suddenly the engineer comes and ask you to pull-in a legacy project that you know you have done, months or even years ago. You would spend some amount of time just searching for that project folder with a certain Civil 3D surface version that you cannot remember. But if you have installed this tool and use it, you will just have to click your calendar and you are quickly provided with the information that you exactly need without wasting unnecessary file-hunting time.


3) Say you are in a Windows folder browsing some Civil 3D models, but your Civil 3D ToolSpace is not set to that yet. Normally, you would right-click the ToolSpace and painfully navigate to using windows' 'BrowseForFolder' dialog box that does not allow you to copy-paste the path. You would have to do this every time you switch to projects. Why the pain? If you have this tool you can copy-paste the path easily. No more pain.

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Version, 5/15/2018
Added 2019 support (No change in version number).

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