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Terra Power Tools - Lite Edition


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Terra Power Tools - Lite Edition allows you to perform complex volume calculations between multiple Autodesk® AutoCAD® Civil 3D® surfaces using material tables.


Materials are defined in material tables similar to what you would use for corridor earthwork calculations. 3D 'solid' layers are calculated between selected surfaces and are categorized based on the material table, and the results are shown in tabular form and may be exported or placed in your DWG.


Calculated material layers can be exported into Civil 3D as mesh entities. Session data and material tables may be saved for quick and easy retrieval in another session or project.  You can also use Terra Power Tools - Lite Edition to create, modify and merge surface geometry, including creation of 'level' surfaces, splitting one surface against another, or merging multiple surfaces keeping only the 'topmost' data in any given region.


  • Calculate composite 3D volumes between any number of Civil 3D surfaces in a single operation.

  • No intermediate 'volume surfaces' are created to clutter up your drawings - all calculations are done in memory.

  • Use an advanced earthwork table to define materials relative to surfaces.

  • Optionally apply polyline based boundaries for limiting the area for your calculations.

  • View volume results in tabular form; insert results into your DWG or copy to clipboard as CSV data for use with Microsoft Excel, etc.

  • Create mesh entities to represent your calculated material layers.  Mesh entities can be used with Visual Report Designer to create volume reports for your materials.

  • Create/modify/Merge surface geometry using multiple methods, including:

    • Create:  'Level', 'Vertical Offset', 'Split'
    • Modify:  'Clip'
    • Merge:  'TopMost', 'Bottom Most'

  • Runs within and is tightly integrated with Civil 3D.

  • Save and restore both material tables and session state information.

 If you work with grading/site design, complex corridors, or any other model involving multiple surfaces, Terra Power Tools - Lite Edition is an indispensable tool for calculating material volumes and manipulating surface geometry.

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Version 2.0.12, 7/22/2016
3.0.0: Updated for compatibility with Autodesk® AutoCAD® Civil 3D® 2017. 2.0.12: Updated for compatibility with the latest release of Visual Report Designer and Surface Stitcher. 2.0.9: Updated for compatibility with the latest release of Visual Report Designer. 2.0.6: Updated for compatibility with Autodesk® AutoCAD® Civil 3D® 2016. Initial release on Autodesk App Store. Refer to the online product documentation for more information and for the official changelog.

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