UsE lite is the free and lite version of UsE-Full (Click here).  


Insert electrical components which are downloaded and updated from the online UsE database, at any given insertion point or at a given point on a wall.


Extra attribute functions which let you draw faster includes:

  • Number attributes with a counter.
  • Change the color, height, rotation or visibility of selected attributes.
  • Sync the position of attributes of multiple blocks
  • Re-tag attributes lets you change the tag to a new one or add tags to a block (for converting old or received drawings which do not meet your standard).


Other extra commands

  • Make your drawing grey which can, for instance, be used for xrefs.  
  • Lock all viewports in every layout with one command.
  • Set all the textstyles in the drawing to ISO or Arial.
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About This Version

Version, 10/27/2017
Added the command updatedrawinglanguage (If you receive drawings in another language you can translate it to your own language setting.) Improved : Re-Tag (this had to be improved for the update drawing language to work.)

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  • use-lite
    Dimitri Alwicher | November 02, 2017

    I love the program i use it always

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