The FHWA Series 2000 Fonts Standard Edition is now available in Autodesk® AutoCAD® SHX fonts.

Two types: Outlined and, Outlined and hatched (ANSI 31).

SHX fonts include all the FHWA Standard Alphabet letters, supported for both upper- and lower-case letter forms.

60 SHX Highway fonts.

Standard Edition fonts:

- FHWA Series F, E(m), D, C, B,

- Transport Medium, Heavy

- Pavement

Special characters in STANDARD EDITION: 1/2 instead of <, 1/4 instead of >, 3/4 instead of {


Expanded Edition fonts:

- ClearviewHwy fonts: 1-b, 1-w, ...... 6-b, 6-w

- DIN-1451 fonts: Engschrift, Mittelschrift

- CLARENDON fonts: Regular, Bold, Light, Condensed

- Special characters in EXPANDED EDITION 1/2 %%253, 1/4 %%254, 3/4 %%255

To use these fonts, use the AutoCAD command STYLE and simply choose the font you want to use.

You can use these characters directly from the keyboard.

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Version 1.0, 9/13/2021
Added 2021 support

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