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Save users 80 hours annually with the industry leading single-source cloud platform to control, manage, distribute and analyze your Autodesk® Revit® and digital building content!  UNIFI offers this comprehensive suite of solutions: 

  • UNIFI Content Management:  cloud-based BIM content management solution provides anywhere access to a single source of content 

  • UNIFI Connect:  high-quality manufacturer content that is integrated into your existing Revit workflows 

  • UNIFI Project Analytics:  robust insights that help you identify issues before becoming serious problems 

  • UNIFI APIs:  customize your content management and project health analytics and uncover shared parameter data  


A few benefits of UNIFI Content Management include: 

  • Control: Access your BIM content anywhere, anytime and with anyone from a single source — across offices and locations. Drive data consistency for proprietary, generic and manufacturer content for the entire team across the entire project with automatic versioning updates. 

  • Manage: Locate, leverage and utilize vetted building content quickly and efficiently via smart content libraries, saved searches, advanced filters, automatic meta-tagging, reporting and much more. Add as many users as needed to share content libraries internally and with outside consultants. 

  • Analyze: Ensure model integrity, content accuracy and compliance across local and global standards while gaining unique insights into how and when content is used with powerful reporting tools. 


UNIFI Project Analytics provides you with a comprehensive, customizable dashboard enabling you to visualize your entire library at scale and receive in-depth reports that outline specific details and highlight areas for improvement.  

  • Customizable Alerts: identify issues before they become a serious problem 

  • Real Time Data: 2-in-1 data extraction and data visualization tool that dramatically reduces the hassle of setting up analytics. No more time wasted on complicated solutions that require coding and multiple software integrations. 

  • Easy to Read, predesigned dashboards:  Drill down into the specific issues and related users for corrective action within a few clicks 


Here's how UNIFI Connect works for you: 

  • Quality Content:  All content on UNIFI Connect has gone through a rigorous quality control process to ensure it meets the highest standards and can be “whitelisted” into your libraries. 

  • Search and Find: Less time required to go to multiple sites & platforms to access Revit content. Seamless workflow for selecting and inserting content into projects 

  • Content Control: Easier to integrate manufacturer libraries into firm-based libraries via the UNIFI portal. Versioning of BPM content so you can track every change. 

  • Enhanced Communication: Connect directly with manufacturers to share feedback on the quality of content, availability of specific content, content requests. Connect directly with UNIFI to request specific manufacturer content for the portal. 


UNIFI API empowers you to access and leverage data to the fullest extent: 

  • Quick Access: edit the data in real time to ensure your families are up to date to your latest company standard 

  • Programmatically Manage Data: gain control of the data within your Revit families stored in the UNIFI cloud. 

  • Shared Parameter Management:  Add, remove and modify shared parameters in batch 

  • Review Historical BIM Data: Track changes and connect them to the user 

  • Generate Revit Elements Changelog: compare any historical snapshot of the model to the current snapshot. Identify Revit elements that were added or deleted from a Revit model


Want to see for yourself why UNIFI is the platform of choice for the world’s leading AECO organizations including Stantec, HDR, Kimley Horn, Atkins, CRB, Chick-fil-A, and 40,000 other users? Please click here for a free trial.  


Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer). 

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Verzió 3.7.0, 2020. 11. 02.
Visit us at http://unifilabs.com/category/release-notes/ for our latest release notes

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  • Impressive library management system
    Alban De Chasteigner | április 03, 2017

    Unifi is the perfect tool to share families between differents offices of a company. The interface is clear and the validation workflow simple and efficient.

  • First Class Content Management Platform in the Industry
    Thomas Merchel | február 13, 2017

    The capability to utilize the cloud to efficiently load content directly into our documentation software is paramount to our firms workflow. Well done UNIFI Labs!

  • Excellence
    Jamie Snyder | június 01, 2016 Ellenőrzött letöltés (Mit jelent ez?)

    Unifi is an excellent Revit content manager. The ability to also manage system families and drafting views is like a bonus. The Unifi crew are very responsive and are always looking for ways to improve the product.

  • Fits our Revit workflow to a tee
    Claire Atherstone | június 01, 2016

    Unifi slotted seamlessly into our workflow. Library management is simple; analytics allow us to track content use and fix issues quickly. Our staff love it.

  • Library control at last!
    Benjamin Fitch | május 31, 2016

    Easy to set up and deploy, this tool gives me the ability to better control the quality of my BIM models and at the same time provides a path to create new content and edit existing content. It makes it easier and quicker for users to find what they are looking for and be assured that they are using approved content. Thanks Unify!

  • Great Tool
    John Travis Yates | december 21, 2015

    The ability to customize your library and the data in it is amazing. Let's users upload content to be approved for capturing work that others have done. System families can be uploaded which is fantastic.

  • Nothing else comes close
    Jason Bailly | augusztus 13, 2015

    I work for a very large organization with a long history of challenges when it comes to content management. While we haven't yet implemented Unifi the trial period is exposing fantastic solutions for every gap that we still have to fill. *Easy to administer *Rating system *Amazing filtering capability *Modern UI *Super simple upload The list goes on and on. It's really like shopping with Amazon.com instead of walking into K-Mart

  • Organizational Bliss
    Brian Nickel | augusztus 04, 2015

    Our plumbing firm has adopted Unifi as our content solution. We travel often, and Unifi allows us access to our content anywhere in an environment that is user friendly, and productive. We are now hosting all of our groups, and to have a solution that allows us to work faster and more efficiently is just simply icing on the cake!

  • The only Content Management system to use
    Dominic Martens | augusztus 04, 2015

    I was previously using a other content management program and always struggle with content request and searching quickly for content. When i was shown Unifi about a year ago it was the best solution i have seen and know i recommend it to anyone who wants/needs a content management system as i think this is personally the best solution on the market today....

  • Best cloud content management system for BIM and Revit
    Luke Johnson | augusztus 01, 2015

    Unifi is easy to use, powerful, continuously improved, and great for BIM users and managers alike.

  • Content Management at its best!
    Chris Ridder | július 31, 2015


  • Fantastic!
    Sean Burke | július 31, 2015

    Not only is this a great content library manager, it is shaping up to be a fantastic BIM analytics engine. There are no real competitors in this space. It's fast. It's generally fun to use. I find this to be the best way to manage Revit content, period.

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