Leica Civil Job Converter 2021

Leica Civil Job Converter 2021

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The Leica Civil Job Converter will convert Autodesk® Civil 3D® objects, such as points, lines, areas, surfaces, corridors and description key sets into the Leica DBX format. The DBX is the native format of the Leica Captivate, Viva and System 1200 field software. The DBX can also be used in office software such as Leica Infinity or Leica Geo Office.

The Leica Civil Job Converter (LCJC) is now capable of exporting HeXML which allows iCON users to import into their instruments seemlessly.

The Leica Civil Job Converter will be published with a separate installer for each version of the Civil 3D platform. A separate product will be released each year.


Verzió, 2021. 09. 13.
The application is now compatible with Civil 3D 2021 and is now capable of creating HeXML files. Please note that the converter is not able to convert DTM's into a HeXML file at this time.

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  • 2022 ?
    Maxime Pilote | június 09, 2021

    I've just installed civil3D 2022... Will the leica civil job converter 2021 work with it or should I wait for a 2022 version ? 

    Dave Gingras | június 11, 2021

    No you'll have to wait for the 2022 version

  • Leica Civil Job Converter
    Pierre Labbe | május 14, 2021 Ellenőrzött letöltés (Mit jelent ez?)

    Great tool

    Mark Antony | június 07, 2021

    Does Leica Civil Converter export corridor cross sections (for example to HeXml) ?

    Pierre Labbe | június 08, 2021

    Leica Civil Job Converter allow you to export a corridor by selecting the featureline you want to use in the field in your instrument. It will create a Road job (DBX) and/or an HeXML file you can import into your Leica instrument. Having the Road corridor featureline in the field, will allow you to have a 3D Road model in your instrument and having the 3D Road model, you will be able to view your 3D Road model in a plan view but also in a cross section view.

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