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Find and Replace Name and Description

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Autodesk® Civil 3D® is a great tool for civil design work, but if the various object types within a file are not named in an organized manner it can get a bit messy, especially on large projects. While designing, it is important that you name associated objects with similar names for organization. For instance say you're designing multiple roadways utilizing corridors in one drawing file. Each roadway will have its own alignments, profiles, profile views, assemblies, corridors, intersections, surfaces, and possibly grading groups that all work together to define its design. If these objects are not named in such a way that connects them to one another, another user may find it quite difficult to sort through the data to find the appropriate objects.


Let's take this scenario a step further and say that each road has been named in an organized fashion with one road's objects names start with 'Maple Road' and the other's with 'Oak Road'; everything is good and easy to find. Now let's say the developer decides to rename the roads to 'Cedar Road' and 'Sycamore Road'. How much time will it take you to go through and rename all of the associated objects for each of the roadways, and ensure that you caught each one. Now think about if you're designing a large network of roads or channels and having to rename all those objects.


This is where the Civil 3D Find and Replace Name and Description App come into play. Simply run the command and enter the string to find either by object name or by object description for all of those object types and hit find. This app will show all of them to you within seconds, and within another few seconds, ALL of them will be renamed to the new name and you can move on and focus on the design.


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Versione, 08/06/2021
Upgraded for 2022 product (No change in version number).

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  • 2021
    Kieron Chowdhury | novembre 19, 2020 Download verificato (Guida rapida)

    Wondering if/when there will be support for C3D 2021?


  • Must have for Complex Projects
    Brad Kanther | maggio 28, 2014 Download verificato (Guida rapida)

    Love this app.. should be part of core product..

  • Great!
    Lecius Prado | luglio 29, 2013 Download verificato (Guida rapida)

    It saved hours of work replacing the name of my alignments in a second.

    Lecius Prado | dicembre 01, 2015

    It could be fine if it had an option for pipes network objects!

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