Leica Civil Job Converter 2020

Leica Civil Job Converter 2020

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The Leica Civil Job Converter will convert Autodesk® Civil 3D® objects, such as points, lines, areas, surfaces, corridors and description key sets into the Leica DBX format. The DBX is the native format of the Leica Captivate, Viva and System 1200 field software. The DBX can also be used in office software such as Leica Infinity or Leica Geo Office.


The Leica Civil Job Converter will be published with a separate installer for each version of the Civil 3D platform. A separate product will be released each year.

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Versione, 13/09/2021
First release.

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  • el programa funciona bien
    FELIX MALDONADO | febbraio 01, 2021

    He probado el programa, funciona bien, seria bueno que lo subieran para mas versiones de civil para no tener que amarrarse a una version en especifico


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