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This program is a set of Autolisp routines that inserts a Paper Sheet of selected in dialog window size and scale. The user can choose from standard paper sizes used around the world as well as their own user-defined size.

The program offers an option to equip PaperSheet Block with a large title (to let it be easily spotted when the view is zoomed out) and Scale Info in the bottom corner. It is handy especially for making quick plots of a selected extent from model space. The user can easily select the size and scale that fits the best to the desired part of a drawing. The program remembers the chosen settings from previous use. The user doesn't have to set everything from the beginning. There is also an option to draw a sheet, the program will then calculate real dimensions according to the defined scale. The user can estimate in this way what paper size he is looking for.


The program includes a function that allows selecting Papersheet Block (or any rectangle) as a plot scope in the Plot Dialog Window (no need to scroll and pick points precisely).


To learn how to use read General Usage Instructions and see a video-example. Free Trial version available to download at

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버전 3.0.0, 2020-06-03
Added "user defined scale" option, added "Draw" option

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