LAM (Linked Alignments Manager) is an add-on for Autodesk® AutocCAD® Civil 3D® (for 2017 release).


The purpose of this application is keeping the relationships among alignments through the management of dynamic links.


This is of great value to certain cases such as in lanes entrance ramp, lanes exit ramp, interchanges or simply intersections, where some alignments are dependent on other ones.
The settings for each link are saved in the drawing file data base, so you just need to have installed this app to recognize them.


At the same time, before any event in the drawing related to Alignment objects, this app will automatically update such alignments according to a number of parameters that the user set up previously.


Please download the app user guide here: user guide.

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버전 1.0.0, 2017-03-03
Start version.

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  • Excelente
    Victor Paulino | 3월 16, 2017

    Me gusta la utilidad y el desarrollo que podemos tener con esta herramienta gracias

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